Other | November 12, 2015


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The JA Kenya experience for Asheesh Advani could not come to an end without a session with our alumni. On Tuesday afternoon, 7th July 2015, JA Kenya organized a roundtable discussion where we invited in and out of school youth alumni to share their experiences and their challenges. It was amazing to listen to some of the great minds we have as they talked of their life changing experiences during the program.  Geoffrey Oyoo is one of the Out of School Youth Alumni, having undergone the ITS TYME program in 2012. This young man was raised in Mathare North, the 2nd largest slum in Nairobi, and today, he successfully runs two businesses, a pig rearing business and a garbage collection business, which he pursued as a result of his love for the environment in addition to being the chairman of the Jitahidi Youth Group in his area. He expressed his appreciation of the program, looking for the same mentorship for his employees. We believe our work is successful when we see young people appreciate the value of the program and spreading the word to their fellow colleagues. Not to be left behind were the in school alumni, who participate in the company program in their respective high schools, as they were well represented by Lillian Maingi, director of Blackswan Media, a successful photography company, Peter Githinji, director of Nairobi Pethouse,  Mary Wambui and Ted Mwatha. We are proud of our alumni, who are just a sample of the enterprising and brilliant youth in our country and we believe we have made our mark in the books of Kenya