Business Growth for Female Entrepreneurs

Activity Description

During Global Entrepreneurship Week, Mineke Foundation will be hosting a workshop about business growth for female entrepreneurs who graduated from our vocational courses. These graduates started micro businesses after graduation, and initially grew their businesses with micro loans from Mineke Foundation's Savings & Loans Club. They are now ready to take the next step and are eligible for a larger loan from Mineke Foundation's Micro Loan Fund, sponsored by Rotary the Netherlands.

During the workshop, Mineke Foundation will focus on how entrepreneurs can manage the challenges that come with a growing business, strategic allocation of funding, and how to deal with expectations from (extended) family who might feel entitled to part of the loan. The workshop will be complemented by an interactive session with one of our most successful graduates turned entrepreneur who will be sharing her personal entrepreneurial journey with the participants.

Mineke Foundation, founded and chaired by Tonia Dabwe, is a local NGO in Liberia. We provide vocational & business training to people from disadvantaged backgrounds to help them become economically independent, run a computer lab and social clubs for children, adolescents & women.  Vocational students practice entrepreneurship during their training by selling the products and services that they are learning to make. Over 90% of our participants are female, and about 60% of our graduates start micro businesses after graduation.