About GEN Somalia

Somalia/Somaliland's entrepreneurship ecosystem has experienced uncommon growth in recent years, driven in part by the rise of entrepreneur support organizations (ESOs) which encompass international organizations, local organizations, co-working spaces, accelerators, incubators, business development firms, financial institutions, and startup hubs. Much of this was achieved by resilient entrepreneurs who took the courage to create programs, products, or services that address local strategic needs through innovation and local design.
Equally important, there is a substantial gap between these initiatives to shape a robust entrepreneurial ecosystem. GEN Somalia strives to foster a collaborative culture and an inclusive ecosystem for entrepreneurs to thrive in local and regional markets. GEN Somalia is guiding the development of healthy ecosystems throughout the country that are globally connected to leading edge research, innovative programs, and communities of seasoned experts to deliver high impact entrepreneurial performance.  The mission of national affiliates is to:

  • Catalyze entrepreneurship and build a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem in their country with few barriers to entry so that everyone has the opportunity to start or scale a new company.
  • Improve the ecosystem by serving as a collaboration platform for:
  • Monitoring and assessing ecosystem performance
  • Sharing best-in-class programming and knowledge sourced from GEN Global and around the world and
  • Leading ecosystem stakeholders in collective action.

GEN Somalia seeks to:

  • Provide ecosystem leadership by engaging and aligning the current key stakeholders and leaders, shaping policies, implementing programs and streamlining efforts to maximize impact
  • Serve as a sharing platform of ecosystem knowledge, including performance assessments that generate insight of gaps and opportunities
  • Translate state-of-the-science research findings into viable and effective programming and policy action, generating a collective commitment for the uptake of proven evidence-based programs
  • Build international connectivity in priority sectors by strategically curating connections and engagement with global networks and platforms
  • Increase the number of local citizens considering the path of entrepreneurship by nurturing the development of an entrepreneurial mindset through GEW and other national activities

GEN Somalia provides Somalia with:

  • Live international events such as the GEN’s flagship GEC, the Startup Nations Summit, GEC+ and GEN Regional Meetups
  • A constant flow of new best-in-class entrepreneur support programs, platforms, and networks – including GEN Invest & GBAN, Startup Huddle, GEN Starters Club, Entrepreneurship World Cup, GEN Accelerates, GEN Space, GER, GEW, GEN Speakers Bureau and more
  • Research and Policy development and advocacy through communities such as GEN Policy’s Startup Nations policymaker network, the GEN Research community and various knowledge sources and portals including GEN Atlas.