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Enterprise Challenge Qatar

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The ‘Enterprise Challenge Qatar’ is a programme that encourages young Qataris to become entrepreneurs by enhancing their business knowledge and equipping them with valuable business skills such as team work and strategic thinking.
The ‘Enterprise Challenge Qatar’, delivered by Bedaya and Qatar Shell, is one of Qatar Shell’s Corporate Social Responsibility partnerships aimed at delivering sustainable impact in support of the Qatar National Vision 2030.
Qatar Shell recognises that cultivating entrepreneurship begins by investing in young minds. By helping to increase the number of young Qataris aspiring to become entrepreneurs, The ‘Enterprise Challenge Qatar’ is contributing to both the human and economic pillars of the Qatar National Vision 2030.
The ‘Enterprise Challenge Qatar’ programme has tiers for high school and university students, and comprises two parts; the Ethical Business Challenges - which tests participants’ ability to balance the economic, environmental, and social performance of their company; and the Business Simulation element - which familiarises students with business inception, trading, finance, sales, marketing and production. The competition culminates in two Grand Finals that see both university and schools teams compete online to achieve a winning score by displaying the best business skills. This year the Enterprise Challenge Qatar universities competition features an exciting new element, business pitching of ethical and original business ideas. This business idea will be of benefit to their universities and generate revenue in an ethical and sustainable manner.
Since its inauguration in 2012, ‘The Enterprise Challenge Qatar’ has continued to grow year on year. So far the programme has engaged more than 1,200 students from schools and universities across Qatar. In 2014, 700 students from 14 schools and nine universities across Qatar participated in the programme. More than 120 mentors, the majority of whom are Qataris, volunteered their valuable time to coach the students in 2014.
Enterprise Challenge Qatar received special praise and recognition during the ‘UK Mentor of the Year Awards’ hosted by His Royal Highness, The Prince of Wales at the Sandringham Palace in the United Kingdom, in 2014.
In 2015, Qatar Shell and Bedaya won SDC’s Reyada ‘Outstanding Entrepreneurial Support’ Award for their support to Qatari entrepreneurs and small and medium enterprises, including through ‘The Enterprise Challenge Qatar’.
The ‘Enterprise Challenge Qatar’ 2015 programme aims to train more than 1000 students. This year the annual challenge has expanded and aims to reach all universities across Qatar.