GEW 2012 in Tunisia
1 Mar 2013

Because we are the first arab spring country, and because our youth played a major role in sparking protest movements across Tunisia. There is a greater need than ever, for Tunisian youth to nurture entrepreneurship and to have a voice in a country which is building its future.

In fact, in the Arab Institute of Business Leaders, we believe that entrepreneurship can add value to the economy, community and individuals. For this reason, we’ve decided to emphasize grassroots activities and social impact through our GEW Tunisia initiatives 2012.

As IACE is officially hosting the GEW through the Center of Young Entrepreneurs (CJE), we mobilized more than 52 local partners to engage citizens from all over the country, especially with universities, graduate institutes, business centers and women organizations. More than 4000 participants in 80 different activities which barely lived up to the objectives of the week.

From November 12 to 18, 2012, IACE once again championed an outstanding Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW). From Bizerte to Gafsa, GEW Tunisia 2012 makes Tunisia shine brightly!

The Tunisian entrepreneurship culture, awareness and Business spirit has also been the main issue of the GEW, since 2010. During these 3 years GEW has organized great meetings for thousands of people, hundreds of events, and dozens of organizations to manifest their initiatives in 18 out of 24 cities of Tunisia.

The most popular topics discussed were mainly related to innovation, environment, financing startup and green entrepreneurship. These subjects orbit around the ESC’s “Social Entrepreneurship: Opportunities and challenges” in Manouba, and experiences in “The Green Entrepreneurship” in Tunis Business center. Another exciting activity was GEW at AIESEC Carthage: “Entrepreneurship, a Spirit of Innovation” a one-day workshop in which local entrepreneurs visited the students to share their success stories and to offer advice as these aspiring entrepreneurs set out to create livelihoods for themselves.

IACE achieved the goals it has set to through the GEW:

  • Raise the youth awareness about entrepreneurship
  • Increase entrepreneurship knowledge and culture among young students
  • Help people interested by entrepreneurship to have access to supporting institutions, to find information and obtain the necessary help in order to initiate their own project.


With such bold leadership and a collective drive toward a more entrepreneurial society, it is no surprise that GEW Tunisia was such a success in its third year.

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