Women as Force for Positive Change: Experts Pitching & Insider`s Reports within the framework of the GEW

Activity Description

LPW Annual meeting on Women as Force for Positive Change: Experts Pitching & Insider`s Reports within the framework of the Global Entrepreneurship Week


NGO “League of Professional Women” is delighted to announce the 21th instalment in its annual meeting series on Women as Force for Positive Change on Thursday, 15th November related to the Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) in Kyiv, Ukraine. Event is open for registration of the LPW members\advisers and guests.

Speakers and content: Experts pitching & Insider`s reports

We are delighted to welcome our passionate speakers of the three parts of the event:
Part1. Female Vendors & Expert Pitching with video recording.

All speakers will be from the Female Entrepreneurship and Intellectual Community by LPW http://www.lpw.org.ua/en/community

Vendors & Expert Profiles here https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1ClRSN17cRnTOBYDU7fRAzUOV434OOmhv?usp=sharing

Facebook close group for the Community - Women Entrepreneurship (WE) / Жіноче Підприємництво http://www.facebook.com/groups/189478497881158/

Part2. Insider`s reports

Our speakers will be discussing personnel experience from the following 2018 international events done in Germany, Australia, Turkey, and Armenia by Dr.Olena Lazorenko, LPW President, Ms.Valentyna Legka, the LPW Board Member, Ms.Svitlana Olifira, LPW Board member

Part 3. 2019 Opportunities for LPWs

2019 International events: Global Festival on SDGs in Bonn, GEC in Bahrein, ICSW 2019 in Belgrade, UN HLPF in New York by Dr.Olena Lazorenko, LPW President

EU support Women`s Empowerment Programs by Dr.Olena Fesenko, Coordinator of EEN Ukraine Consortium (TBC)


Female Entrepreneurship and Intellectual Community by LPW

Ukrainian NGO "League of Professional Women" (LPW) has announced in 2018 http://www.lpw.org.ua/en/news?pid=680 the start of the Female Entrepreneurship and Intellectual Community by LPW (hereinafter referred to as Community). Our Vision- Community is development of entrepreneurial skills of women in the spheres of economics, science, culture, civil society and education, and propose intellectual patronage for business in Ukraine. Our Mission - We unite different people for the common goal of expanding the economic opportunities of women in Ukraine. Our Goal - To facilitate the formation of an ecosystem of support women's empowerment and intellectual activities in the country. The Community moderate by the leaders of LPW and currently languages of Community’s communication are Ukrainian and\or Russian. More about its http://www.lpw.org.ua/en/community?


LPW invites LPW members\advisers and guests from business and academia\education organisations as well as the women movement, other stakeholders and members of the public interested by this topic to join us.


Please click here pre-register for this event https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLScv6hdZkcxSBwQdjRlqnE0UUOFeyFTIrUGBQBuL0nto9AKvxw/viewform

Each participant registers herself/himself individually for the event.

Facebook Announcement https://www.facebook.com/events/2225231447764535/permalink/2225231454431201/?notif_t=page_post_reaction&notif_id=1540238485527796

If you have any questions, email communitylpw@gmail.com For sponsorship, email Olena Lazorenko, LPW President lpw.network@gmail.com