About GEN Starters Club


GEN Starters Club is a global community of talented founders who have been battle-tested through the Entrepreneurship World Cup or one of GEN’s other programs.

Through the Club, GEN Starters access global connections with experienced entrepreneurs, mentors and investors within the Global Entrepreneurship Network – as well as year-round opportunities for additional support, visibility through curated networking opportunities at special events and learning experiences through GEN Accelerates.

Origins of the GEN Starters Club

After talking to founders of new firms in many nations around the world, GEN has been piloting the idea of a global community for founders engaging in GEN programs around the world. Its journey involved developing and operating a business plan competition platform, partnering with hosts of other business plan competitions and testing a variety of mentoring models. It also involved conversations with many partners offering help to entrepreneurs to determine which help is most valuable in their eyes.
Most importantly, it involved testing how we might help individuals founding companies. For example, William Janssen, after winning one of our first startup competitions, leveraged GEN’s global network and events to scale his company, Desolenator, from his living room in London to operations stretching from Kenya to California. Starting with his getting our attention with his prototype solar powered water purification and desalination system, GEN was able to connect him through events and competitions to investors that helped him expand his portfolio to include portable household purifiers.