Member Benefits


In an era where curated networks serve as the main path to finding the right kind of capital, mentors and market access, the GEN Starters Club provides you with a screened invite-only community of your peers. When you need introduction, advise about unfamiliar markets or cultures or simply information when you need it on demand from someone you trust, the GEN Starters Club provides access to other would can open doors and get you answers. You can meet peers at live GEN events or simply engage when you can on-line.


A core component of GEN Starters includes the GEN Accelerates offerings, where you can access live, hybrid, and virtual support. Weekly live workshops and sessions will help you and your team get practical and immediate feedback on challenges and opportunities to build a scalable and successful business. Whether it is preparing for seed or Series B investment, developing a global product strategy, or building a world class board, you will learn from industry experts, successful entrepreneurs, and each other in addition to having access to thousands of hours of content and courses that may prepare you for these in depths sessions. As you learn on your journey, you are not alone.
The GEN Accelerates platform will showcase your company’s profile with a special badge signifying GEN Starters membership. This special signification will also help mentors and investors find your profile more easily through search.
GEN Starters are also invited to help drive or participate in GEN’s local Startup Huddle program. Viewed as one of the most successful mentoring programs in the United States, the Startup Huddle model has proven to be an effective way for communities to help one entrepreneur a week as well as founders to get community input and support for their challenges.

Office Hours

Members are invited to a Mentor Moderated Membership conversation on Zoom. Led by GEN leaders such as Jeff Hoffman, GEN Chief Evangelist and co-founder of Priceline, these discussions provide an opportunity for you to pose questions and check in with participating peers.  


GEN offers members access to business plan competitions, platforms such as Global Entrepreneurship Week to showcase their stories, opportunities to speak through its speaker bureau and free access to GEN’s high profile global events such as the Global Entrepreneurship Congress. Out of millions who participate in GEN programs and projects, when it comes to entrepreneurs, it is the small group of members of our founders club whose stories we highlight.


Since capital does not flow to all deserving entrepreneurs, GEN works through its policy work and programs to unleash new tools and funding opportunities. For example, GEN Starters gain access to the Global Business Angel Network, a network of networks across the globe helping us expand the number of early stage investors in your markets.  We also work hard to reduce compliance burdens and keep crowdfunding regulations up to date, create tax incentives for investors and to promote new investment models such as everygreen community investment funds. While currently GEN does not have a global fund, in 2019 we provide nearly $150,000 in prize money for promising startups.

Long-term Commitment

At GEN we think as serial entrepreneurs.  Our global community trusts each other because we have been quietly working together and meeting for 10 years. Whether building a new startup or startup ecosystem, it takes time.  Membership in the GSC is therefore for individual founders, not companies. We know the organic process of new firm formation requires experimentation, testing, and recycling ideas and ventures. At GEN we invest in the makers, doers, dreamers and risktakers. GEN Starters invests in you as a serial founder.

Partner Offerings

As the GEN Starters Club gets up to speed in 2021, members can expect to see new benefits from our partners.

Further Help

GEN has new programs growing from different parts of the world. For example, GEN Space now serves more than 2,000 astropreneurs from the emerging new space industry. But if we are not able to help you, GEN Starters can be connected to other partners with relevant core competencies.