Startup Huddle Johannesburg


Startup Huddle helps one entrepreneur at a time while strengthening the local ecosystem. Entrepreneurs present real-time challenges facing their startup and solicit input on potential solutions from other entrepreneurs, mentors, ecosystem builders and others in the local community. Each Startup Huddle chapter focuses on supporting local entrepreneurs while simultaneously providing connection to a global network.


30 Jun 2021 / 1:00
South Africa
As the country continues to face one of the most challenging economic periods in its
history sadly, the internet continues to be viewed as a luxury for most households. This
The masterclass will focus on how applications like Touch Africa and Nubian Smarts try to
bridge the gap between data and education and most importantly help students
participate in all educational activities.
29 Jul 2021 / 1:00
South Africa
In this huddle, we will aim to give startups a quick guide to compliance for startups discuss how this can be done in a cost and resource-effective way.
2 Sep 2021 / 3:30
South Africa
This huddle will focus on raising awareness on the need for Entrepreneurship education skills for them to thrive.
29 Oct 2020 / 1:00
South Africa
This Startup Huddle will focus on:
• Providing Helpful tools for Marketing Technology
• Identifying Challenges that make content marketing difficult in today’s media
environment and how to overcome these challenges
• The future of Marketing in a Technology-driven world
30 Sep 2020 / 1:00
South Africa
The objectives of this huddle are the following :
• The importance of Cultural Intelligence In the workplace
• How diverse teams are beneficial to your organisation
• Ways to implement organisational systems and practices to manage diversity
30 Sep 2021 / 1:00
South Africa
During this huddle, we will have startup founders who have successfully entered international markets and we will be discussing some of the crucial steps startups need to take before expanding.