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About the Global Entrepreneurship Network:

The Global Entrepreneurship Network (GEN) was created by the communities that celebrate Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) each November to serve as a platform for coordinating and developing new programs and initiatives aimed at strengthening entrepreneurship around the world.

To achieve its objectives, GEN’s global hub (“GEN Global”) manages a collection of initiatives and strategic partnerships and coordinates the efforts of national GEN affiliates. 

These independent GEN country affiliates are governed and led by nationals from each respective country.  They engage and connect key stakeholders across their national ecosystem, and leverage the communities, resources, and expertise from relevant counterparts from within GEN’s 170 nation strong network.

Founded in 2019, GEN New Zealand's purpose is to:

  • Provide education programs for aspiring ecosystem enablers to help them provide better support to their entrepreneurs
  • Support NZ ecosystem enablers, especially outside the main centers, so that they can support the entrepreneurs and transform the NZ entrepreneurial ecosystem to be globally competitive
  • Connect NZ entrepreneurship support organizations and ecosystem enablers with each other and to the resources, they need to thrive, locally and globally

GEN New Zealand's mission is to:

  • Connect Kiwi Ecosystem Enablers with the talent and resources they need to thrive nationally & globally
  • Grow the Entrepreneurial Ecosystem in New Zealand through building partnerships with the Government, Ecosystem Enablers, Investors, Service Providers, and Academia

GEN NZ Board of Trustees:

  • Dave Moskovitz - Executive Chair & Co-founder
  • Jonathan Ortmans - President of GEN Global
  • Marwan Jamal - Managing Director & Co-founder
  • Suse Reynolds - Trustee
  • Pascale Hyboud-Peron - Trustee
  • Katherine Blaney - Trustee

GEN NZ Board of Advisors:

  • Suse Reynolds - Angel Association
  • Mitali Purohit - Arc Angels
  • Veronica Stevenson - Humblebee
  • Stefan Korn - Creative HQ
  • Terry Allen - NZTE
  • Michael Murphy - Callaghan Innovation
  • Grant Carpenter - Service Innovation Lab
  • Pascale Hyboud-Peron - Venture Center
  • Louise Aitken - Akina Foundation
  • Terry Shubkin - Young Enterprise Trust
  • Kay Maree Dunn - Ahau
  • Mark Peterson - NZX
  • Stephen Cummings - The Atom - Te Kahu o Te Ao
  • Luke Ball - Lightning Lab

**More GEN NZ introductory information in the downloadable PDF**

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