EWC Japan 2021's second Promotion Webinar on: Innovation and the Japanese Startup Ecosystem
Japan Innovation Network (JIN), the national organizer of EWC Japan 2021 have held their second promotional webinar for EWC with Tokyo Venture Café on May 27th.

The two panelists, Kentaro Sakakibara CEO and Founder of Samurai Incubate, and Hiro Nishiguchi CEO and Founder of JIN, had a one-hour open discussion on " Innovation and the Japanese Start-up Ecosystem: Assets, Challenges, Solutions".

The event was live-streamed on Zoom and Youtube and had a wide audience
7 Jun 2021


Japan has the ambitious goal of achieving 20 unicorn startups by 2023. That means that it would have to gain 17 new unicorns in the 2 coming years. Is it possible?

In our latest EWC Japan 2021 webinar, hosted with Tokyo Venture Cafe (https://venturecafetokyo.org/), panelists Kentaro Sakakibara CEO and founder of Samurai Incubate, and Hiro Nishiguchi, CEO, and founder of Japan Innovation Network discussed how the Japanese financial sector adversity to risk and the excessive focus on the domestic market of local entrepreneurs restrains the Japanese startup ecosystem to flourish globally.  With both their respective experiences on innovation and startup activities they shared their insights on how this issue can be tackled by entrepreneurs to help Japan accomplish its ambitious target in the coming years. 

We were very pleased to see many people joining us for the webinar which was live-streamed on Zoom and Youtube. We hope that our distinguished panelists encouraged them to take the first step of embracing the risk of starting a startup and we truly hope some of them will participate in the Japan Entrepreneurship World Cup 2021 to pitch us their wonderful ideas! 


Tristan Bili

Project Manager | Japan Innovation Network

Project Manager @ Japan Innovation Network