Design Thinking Tools for Your Start-Up

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How do you come up with new ideas all the time? How can you validate them and make sure they are relevant to your customers? How can you stay relevant over time? When you create a new service or add a new feature, how do you minimize the risk of failure – or at least fail quickly and cheaply? How do I ensure the positive impact of my initiatives?

All these question are constantly going round in most entrepreneurs’ minds. Design Thinking – more specifically Human-Centred Design can help you find the answers. It’s an engaging method that unleashes creativity, uses playfulness and free flow to allow you to come up with great ideas and helps you to validate your ideas in ways that really inform your future decisions. 

This workshop will be led by the participants of the Social Innovators Mastermind, who have been using various Design Thinking tools to build their own projects and businesses over the last few months. Now they are ready to share that knowledge with you. 

The workshop seeks to engage entrepreneurs, start-ups and community group leaders from all walks of life to find a number of ways on how to develop new solutions from idea to implementation stage. With the help of an energetic bunch of individuals, full of creativity and equipped with creative confidence, we would like to boost your ideas and bring them to fruition.


  • Support entrepreneurs with a new method to develop your ideas

  • Show you a way to feel more confident in your creative abilities

  • Provide a fresh perspective - think outside the box

Prospective individuals joining us for the workshop will be equipped with a new method in developing their ideas. We will provide a fresh perspective by boosting confidence into one's own creative abilities in order to think outside the box. In turn this will open  


  • Practical knowledge on applying the HCD method to your idea development

  • Increased creative confidence & inspiration

  • New network of like-minded individuals/entrepreneurs 

Attendees will gain insights in practical knowledge on applying the human centred design method to their own ideas. By empowering individuals with increased creative confidence and inspiration the workshop offers a platform of opportunity in creating a new network of like-minded individuals.

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