MIT to Award $1 Million to Inclusive Innovators
Photo Credit: MIT IDE
26 May 2017

The second annual MIT Inclusive Innovation Challenge (IIC) will award more than $1 million to "heroes of the digital economy" − organizations that are using technology to reinvent the future of work and create a more equitable economy. For-profit and non-profit organizations of any size, age, type, and nationality are encouraged to apply. GEN is partnering with the MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy (IDE) to expand the reach of the Challenge to its global network. 

"Productivity is at record levels, innovation has never been faster, and yet at the same time, we have a falling median income and fewer jobs," warns Erik Brynjolfsson, Director of the MIT Initiative on the Digital Economy. "People are falling behind because technology is advancing so fast and our skills and organizations aren't keeping up." It is, he says, "the great paradox of our era." This trend will only intensify unless new solutions emerge.

The MIT IDE believes that technology-driven solutions will empower people to participate more fully in our rapidly evolving digital economy, increasing incomes and ensuring employment opportunities. To reward and facilitate these inventive solutions during this unprecedented time of change, the MIT IDE launched the Inclusive Innovation Challenge (IIC).

This year's award categories are:

  • Skills Development & Opportunity Matching
  • Income Growth & Job Creation
  • Technology Access
  • Financial Inclusion

Over 100 Core Judges and an expert Champion Committee will select 16 Winners from the applying organizations.

  • Four Grand Prize Winners will each receive $150,000
  • Twelve Winners will each receive $35,000

Applicants must register by June 7, 2017 and submit applications by June 21, 2017 when the Challenge closes. Winners will be announced during Boston's HUBweek ( on October 12, 2017 at a high-visibility event.

The Challenge is being funded with support from Joseph Eastin, ISN®, and

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