About GEN Saudi Arabia

GEN Saudi, powered by Monshaat, is guiding the development of healthy ecosystems throughout the country that are globally connected to leading edge research, innovative programs, and communities of seasoned experts to deliver high impact entrepreneurial performance.  The mission of GEN Saudi is to:

  • Inspire, educate and support entrepreneurs
  • Identify global best practices for participating in joint projects and live events around the world
  • Apply new knowledge and innovations to improve their country’s entrepreneurial ecosystem
  • Deepen understanding through entrepreneurship research and the development of public policies that pave the way for future innovation and entrepreneurial activity
  • Are a powerful force to accelerate new firm formation and growth

GEN Saudi provides Saudi Arabia with:

  • Live international events such as the GEN’s flagship GEC, the Startup Nations Summit, GEC+ and GEN Regional Meetups
  • A constant flow of new best-in-class entrepreneur support programs, platforms, and networks – including GEN Invest & GBAN, Startup Huddle, GEN Starters Club, Entrepreneurship World Cup, GEN Accelerates, GEN Space, GER, GEW, GEN Speakers Bureau and more
  • Research and Policy development and advocacy through communities such as GEN Policy’s Startup Nations policymaker network, the GEN Research community and various knowledge sources and portals including GEN Atlas.



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