About GEN South Africa

GEN South Africa is registered as ZAGEN (NPO) in South Africa as part of the global network (GEN Global) umbrella. It was established to address the socio-economic challenges faced in South Africa. It has been proven that entrepreneurship drives economic growth, however various reports indicate that entrepreneurship activity in South Africa is quite low, for the socio-economic challenges to be addressed, more effort is required to create an enabling ecosystem for entrepreneurship to thrive in South Africa.

GEN South Africa Objectives

  • To connect entrepreneurs to the best global resources and networks
  • Enable interaction and collaboration with global partners and buyers as well as investors
  • To encourage trading beyond borders
  • To create a launch pad for start-ups
  • Expand the number of citizens working for start-ups in South Africa by fully legitimizing entrepreneurship across various cultures
  • Support the emergence of a new class of global entrepreneurs with access to research, programmes and networks within the GEN network.
  • Connecting an emerging community of national startup policy advisors with a next generation network of world-class entrepreneurship research institutions to generate evidence-based policymaking.
  • To collaborate with ecosystem role players and strengthen the current entrepreneurial ecosystem

22 On Sloane (an initiative of GEN South Africa) is the largest startup campus in Africa. The campus offers disruptive and innovative startups  a complete turnkey solution to scale, from the initial idea all the way to commercialisation, funding opportunities and access to markets. Its aim is to nurture the entrepreneurial mindset, ensure their sustainability, and explore development of new industries and contribute towards job creation in Africa.