The Global Startup Ecosystem Report

The Global Startup Ecosystem Report


For decades, cities around the world have clamored for the mantel of “the next Silicon Valley.” While the Bay Area remains true north for tech entrepreneurs — attracting more than a third of U.S.-based VC money according to Pitchbook — a constellation of global cities and regions competes in brightness and is closing the gap. 

The Global Startup Ecosystem Report quantitative infrastructure includes data on over three million companies, nearly 300 ecosystems, and survey data from more than 10,000 startup executives around the world — the Voice of Entrepreneurs. 

Ecosystems are assessed on the following factors: 

  • Performance: A combination of leading, lagging, and current indicators that capture economic outcomes in a startup ecosystem
  • Funding: The level and growth of early-stage funding, looking at both access and quality
  • Market Reach: Early-stage startup access to customers allowing them to scale and “Go-Global”
  • Connectedness: Connectedness within the ecosystem and the supporting infrastructure
  • Resource Attraction: The gravitational pull of an ecosystem drawing in entrepreneurs and startups from elsewhere
  • Startup Experience: The depth and diversity of the pool of prior startup experience in an ecosystem
  • Talent: The accessibility, quality, and cost of software engineering expertise
  • Founder: Success factors related to the startup founder, under his or her control, or internal to the startup as opposed to external (a function of the ecosystem)
  • Local Connectedness: A multi-variable assessment of the local community, including sense of community, relationships, and collisions between founders, investors, and experts


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