Index of Dynamic Entrepreneurship



The Global Entrepreneurship Network and the Prodem think tank at the University of General Sarmiento have joined efforts to release an Index that adopts a systemic and evolutionary approach. 

The methodology for the Index of Dynamic Entrepreneurship (IDE) combines information for more than 40 data variables into 10 key dimensions, providing reliable measures and insights for 40 countries around the world about the social, economic, cultural, political and regulatory conditions that affect the creation of dynamic new firms. 

IDE’s primary focus is on dynamic entrepreneurship – those new firms that manage to survive their first years and also grow significantly with the potential for further growth. It is these companies that contribute disproportionately to economic growth and innovation.

IDE is the result of research and development efforts started more than 10 years ago by PRODEM, conceptually based on its pioneering studies from the late 1990s. The predecessor to the IDE – the Index of Systemic Conditions for Dynamic Entrepreneurship (ICSEd) – became a widely used analytical tool for the work of the Inter-American Development Bank and governments. The new partnership with GEN expands its reach to new countries. 

We invite to you explore the latest report, as well as compare the progress that each national ecosystem has achieved over the years.

IDE Report 2021IDE Report 2020

IDE Report 2019IDE Report 2018



Prodem is a think-tank and a do-tank on dynamic entrepreneurship and ecosystems. With more than 15 years of experience, Prodem stands out for generating and transferring world-class knowledge in coordination with the actual practice of real-life actors. Prodem conducts research, studies and measurements to get an insight into the status of ecosystems, providing technical assistance and training. Prodem gives priority to the development of networks and alliances, and supports governments, international organizations and other institutions on the design and assessment of dynamic entrepreneurship programs. Prodem received the Start Up Nations for Groundbreaking Policy Thinking Award granted by the Global Entrepreneurship Network. For more information please visit: