Innovation Growth Lab

Innovation Growth Lab by nesta



Albert Bravo-Biosca 
Founding Director, IGL           



Nesta | Kauffman Foundation | Argidius Foundation



Despite the importance of innovation and high-growth entrepreneurship for economic growth, there is still too little evidence on how best to support them. In response, the Innovation Growth Lab (IGL) is enabling a more experimental approach to innovation and growth policy, trialling new instruments but also evaluating them more rigorously. This involves making much more use of randomized controlled trials to find out what works and what doesn’t (and when), learning from the successful experience in other fields, such as development economics, health or education.

As such, IGL is a new global collaboration that aims to enable, support, undertake and disseminate high impact research that uses randomized controlled trials to improve the design of the programs and institutions that help make our economies more innovative and entrepreneurial.

IGL goals are:

  • To improve the evidence base on the impact of different interventions, creating actionable insights for decision makers in public and private organizations.
  • To encourage the development of new interventions, whether testing different designs of existing programs or experimenting with radically novel types of schemes.
  • To push forward the knowledge frontier on the drivers and barriers to innovation, high-growth entrepreneurship and business growth.