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Siasitok Takes Top Prize for Malaysia Finals of Entrepreneurship World Cup

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Cyberjaya, Malaysia -   Siasitok Sign Language AR is a startup that is solving the deaf problem in education via Flashcard & AR technology. The startup captured first prize at the national finals of the Entrepreneurship World Cup competition held recently in Cyberjaya. 

 Awang Shahrizas, Siasitok Sign Language AR founder of uses technology to help normal people learn sign language easy, faster, fun and effective. “Due to the low population of the deaf community, they have been isolated in many aspects of education, health, and work. This situation creates a difficult way for them to socialize with society. Apart from sign language, hearing aids or implant was used to communicate with this community.” says Shahrizas. “Not all people know sign language and only deaf people are expert in sign language. This limitation has motivated us to develop this teaching aids to teach sign language faster than traditional methods.”  

 Siasitok is the first Malaysia sign language augmented reality flashcards. This flashcard provided with Augmented Reality App that makes learning sign language easy, cheap, fast and effective; at anytime and anywhere.  

 In preparation for the EWC Global Finals, Awang Shahrizaswill participates in an acceleration program which features virtual training and one-to-one mentoring targeted to their company’s current stage and growth trajectory. 

Siasitok emerged victorious from a pool of 166 contestants who applied – each receiving access to free virtual training services to help them take their venture to the next level. 

Other finalists at EWC Malaysia included: 

  • CJ SIO - Life origin - It’s a versatile organic waste recycling army that able to convert underutilize nutrients from food waste into highly nutritious protein in just 10-15 days. This is a zero waste close loop system. We feed larvae with selected food waste we collected. 

  • GROW - Urban farms are operationally expensive because urban rent and startup costs are high. We devised a unique business model that will allow us to eliminate rent and reduce the risks of high startup costs, by connecting us to two important stakeholders, known as “Landers” and “Growers.”

More than 102,000 contestants from 184 countries entered the Entrepreneurship World Cup. The initiative combines a broad-reaching pitch competition, aimed at ventures ranging from the idea stage to the growth stage, with a virtual accelerator program to help all participants launch, strengthen and scale their enterprises. Global Finalists will face off against one another at the Misk Global Forum ahead of Global Entrepreneurship Week in November 2019.

EWC is an initiative led by the Global Entrepreneurship Network and Misk Global Forum with support from a collection of national and global partners, including the Global Educational and Leadership Foundation and GSVlabs.

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