Startup Huddle
The Start-up Huddle event discusses the topic of packaging local products and food and whether this affects the economy of Yemen

The Start-up Huddle participated in:
• Hussain Ahmed as the founder of Mocha Hunter (coffee packaging).
• Awad Bahcine as the owner of Bou Hadhram Honey (honey packing).
• Tawfiq Al-Maamari as the owner of the Dr. Asal project (honey filling).
• Abdul Karim Al-Misbahi, as the owner of the branding project (packaging almonds and raisins).
• The discussion is facilitated by Mr. Abdullatif Al-Jaradi, founder of the Mocha Story project.

The goal was the packaging of local products and food and its impact on the economy of Yemen.
16 Dec 2021

Sumaya Abdulasattar

Programs Manager | Rowad Foundation