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Finding our ecosystem leaders during GEW2018

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As Global Entrepreneurship Week continues in 170 countries people continue to celebrate startup culture in all its guises. With the dust of launch day settled (some of it in the desert outside of Cairo!) I wanted to tell you about some exciting new work coming from the team at GENUK over the rest of the week and beyond.

Global Entrepreneurship Week 2018

Roughly 35,000 events and competitions will take place during #GEW2018 – connecting nearly 10 million participants to potential collaborators, mentors and investors. Dozens of world leaders on every continent and a network of more than 15,000 partner organizations support the initiative every year. 

Here in the UK hundreds of events are taking place in every part of the country, from Belfast to Blackpool covering topics from Fitch to farming (really!)      

This year we’re particularly proud that GEW has a strong presence in all four nations of the UK, ensuring that everyone can connect to and be inspired by GEW. Make sure you check out our blog throughout the week for updates from all corner of the campaign


What makes GEW special is that it is owned by you – the people who organise and attend events. Totally open source, this is a national campaign like no other. That is why GEW is so important.

The UK is a great place to start and grow a business, not because of national campaigns or high profile initiatives but thanks to the tireless work of tens of thousands of people involved directly and indirectly in sustaining and growing our ecosystem the other 51 weeks of the year.  It’s not always glamorous or headline-grabbing but this hard work is the fuel that drives our entrepreneurial economy. GEW is important because it helps to celebrate and highlight this work. At GENUK we’re proud to be working with this amazing community. See more on our next steps below: 


In 2019 GENUK is launching a cluster of new communities. Called Leaders’ Forums, these groups will be made up of a true cross-section of our stakeholders in the local ecosystem.

Starting off in each of the UK regions and expanding across key sectors and verticals, these Leaders’ Forums will be a vital part of the collaborative approach we’re taking to grow our network.

Our Leaders' Forums are a way for us to better understand our ecosystem and respond to real challenge and opportunity in our community while allowing the people GEN seeks to represent to inform our work and hold us to account.

To do this we need to reach and engage grassroots ecosystem advocates and practitioners with a real breadth of expertise.  

Nobody knows who these people are better than you – the GEW community. So we’re asking you to tell us about the ultimate ecosystem advocate and startup connector in your community. Who makes sure that things keep ticking over in your networks and works tirelessly to make things happen. We want to hear about them and make their voices heard nationally and globally.

Nominate someone for the GENUK Leader’s Forum here






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