Blog | September 8, 2019

beninnovations MAGAZINE: Welcome All eyes on Benin

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Engagingly written and bracingly realistic about the prospects of the moment, this seond number of beninnovations MAGAZINE brings to light amazing beninese daring to defy the odds.


From leveraging key alternative  and tested investment solutions to tackle the dire challenge faced by SMEs to creating the most heartening places for entertainment, Benin game-changers are driving economic growth and  improving human welfare.


Benin’s biggest month is here! July 2019...


The 2nd edition of Benin’s Global Management Challenge (GMC) has revealed the best manager’s team  to us. Wannou Foundation is holding the Benin Investment Forum 2019  during the second week with over 1.500 participants from 40 countries. To crown it all, 156 Tony Elumelu Entrepreneurship Program 2019 fellows  from Benin will join the largest convening of entrepreneurs in Africa towards the third week.


Benin is home to everything possible.

Olusegun Charles Vidjannagni,


Co-founder & Editor in chief,

beninnovations MAGAZINE,

International Business Consultant &

Certified Business English Coach,

Columbia Business School Graduate,

GEN Benin, Managing Director


Charles has over seven years of experiences working with young people in communities in Benin on education, entrepreneurship and civic engagement… About the author