Andrew Parsons, Minister of Industry, Energy and Technology in Canada, Highlights GEW

Today, the honorable Andrew Parsons, Minister of Industry, Energy and Technology, showcased innovative examples for entrepreneurial success in celebration of Global Entrepreneurship Week, November 16-22. The theme this year focuses on education, the entrepreneurial ecosystem, policy, and inclusion. Almost $308,000 is being provided in support of diverse entrepreneurs who are the back bone of communities across Newfoundland and Labrador.

These nine projects illustrate a focus on entrepreneurs as a driver of economic diversification and help acknowledge their significant contribution to regions throughout the province.

Investments include:

  • $67,000 for Cyno, an innovative start-up company that provides virtual ergonomics and other wellness related services by connecting the client to the service provider through its online web based platform. This support will assist the company to migrate its online services to an app which can be downloaded to a mobile device.
  • $50,000 for 3F Waste Recovery, an innovative business focused on turning waste in the fishery, farming and forestry industries into profitable solutions. This support will help the company manufacture a cod collagen product that would be further refined to meet cosmeceutical industry requirements.
  • $49,037 in support for Wetland Treatment Solutions, a company from Goobies that provides international environmental wetland solutions for polluted wastewater, industrial waste and contaminated land remediation. This funding will allow the company to develop marketing initiatives, focusing on promoting their technology in a virtual environment.
  • $45,125 for eDNAtec, an international ocean genomics company focused on improving the environmental stewardship of the oceans. Headquartered in St. John’s, this funding will assist the development of existing relationships and acquiring new ones by expanding domestically and internationally into Guyana, Norway, USA, and UK.
  • $41,863 in support for M&M Farming Company located in the Bay St. George area. M&M Farming is a new entrant into the agricultural industry and will use this funding to engage in marketing activities, creating a company brand and social media presence.
  • $32,580 for Igloo Lake Lodge in Labrador will support marketing activity, including website updates and increased promotion on social media platforms.
  • $11,250 for Margaree Outfitters to support brand awareness through targeted marketing and increased social media activity. Located in Margaree – Fox Roost, the business provides area tours and fishing and hunting expeditions.
  • $7,500 for Intelligent System Solutions Corporation for marketing activities in support of the company’s fingerprint identification software.
  • $3,253 for Skivvers, a company producing quality knitted products in Cow Head. This funding will assist with skills and marketing development including training and logo design.

Supporting entrepreneurs is key to driving new start-up businesses and accelerating growth of Newfoundland and Labrador firms. Supporting business incubation in the province is a priority and significant activity is happening in our start-up community.


“As we celebrate Global Entrepreneurship Week, I am so pleased to announce support for ten Newfoundland and Labrador entrepreneurs. These companies, locally grown, illustrate our province’s strong entrepreneurial spirit and exemplify that our entrepreneurs are a driving force of innovation and job creation throughout our province.”
Honourable Andrew Parsons
Minister of Industry, Energy and Technology

“We’re very excited that IET will be supporting Cyno’s growth and development with this project. The development of the mobile side of our platform will be critical to the continued growth of our company."


This article was originally published by Peter Barbour on Newfoundland Labrador - Canada.

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