Startup Nations Policy Dialogue


The Startup Nations Policy Dialogue provides an opportunity to gather policymakers and ecosystem leaders for a discussion -- at the local, state or national level -- about innovative policy approaches to empower entrepreneurs in your community. The model has been used to share best practices and stimulate action at a growing number of sessions around the world.

Open communication between policymakers and entrepreneurs has become more urgent in a post COVID-19 world. Governments are keen to remove barriers to new job creation and to be prepared for regulatory challenges that arise as startups disrupt pre-pandemic traditional industries.

Startup Nations Policy Dialogues are designed to facilitate policymaker-entrepreneur engagement at the local, national and regional levels and are usually hosted to:

  • Ask entrepreneurs to share tangible examples with policymakers about barriers slowing them from starting or scaling a new venture.
  • Ask policymakers to share information about planned government-led interventions to accelerate new firm formation for entrepreneur feedback via a live Q&A.
  • Invite the entrepreneurship ecosystem to learn about new policies introduced by government.

To learn how to organize a GEW event, download the Signature Activity Guide: Startup Nations Policy Dialogue.