States Across America Celebrate the Startup Spirit during Global Entrepreneurship Week
Cities and states across the U.S. are investing in the spirit of entrepreneurship to celebrate the 10th consecutive Global Entrepreneurship Week this year from November 13-19.
15 Nov 2017

Cities and states across the U.S. are investing in the spirit of entrepreneurship to celebrate the 10th consecutive Global Entrepreneurship Week this year from November 13-19. Universities and city community leaders from the West to East Coast have a multitude of skill-building, networking, and learning opportunities organized for everyone in the local area that has an interest in the startup business.


Carnegie Mellon University kicked-off GEW 2017 last Friday, and events are heating up this week. Many of CMU’s events are being held in collaboration with the University of Pittsburgh’s Innovation Week, hosted by the Innovation Institute. On November 10 and 11 they held a joint event together called “The Money Table," an angel investor competition where the participants themselves are given the power to decide which real Pittsburgh startups get to be the winners.

Rob Cochran, CEO of one Pennsylvania’s most successful car dealerships and a CMU alumnus, kicked off the official week of celebration on November 13 by talking about innovation in traditional industries. His speech was a part of the University’s Swartz Leadership Series.

Other events on the university’s GEW schedule have and will include talks about the future of e-sports, a job fair for young startups and aspiring entrepreneurs, and a student pitch competition. For a full list of CMU’s events, visit:

The University of Pittsburgh’s official celebration of GEW began with a networking reception, followed by 4 TedX style presentations from Pitt Innovators. Other events have and will include networking luncheons open to Pitt students and alumni, as well as a fireside chat on social innovation with Thread International, Rorus, 412 Food Rescue and Eco-Soap Bank, four Pittsburgh-based enterprises with a shared mission to leave the world a better place than they found it.

Montgomery County Community College is another Pennsylvania school excited to take part in GEW. Exceptional local entrepreneurs were “treated to a blast-off in grand style” as a part of the third annual Karen A. Stout Start-up Accelerator Fund competition on Monday November 13. “We decided to step it up a little this year with a kickoff event to announce the accelerator fund and also the new Entrepreneur of the Year Award, which is open to any entrepreneur that has made an impact in Montgomery County,” said Gaetan Giannini, dean of Business and Entrepreneurial Initiatives. He also noted that “the timing was right for us,” as the college’s events are being held during the week of global celebration for entrepreneurs.


Rochester, MN knows that GEW is an invaluable opportunity to leverage connections and engage the entrepreneurial ecosystem on all levels.  The organizer of GEW Rochester, Jamie Sundsbak, stated: “This is our fifth GEW celebration in Rochester. As our entrepreneurial ecosystem continues to prosper, we need to celebrate our risk takers and inspire the next generation of local entrepreneurs.”

The theme of this year’s Rochester GEW is honoring the past and embracing the future. The week’s organizers hope that the participants will see it “as a time to a time to explore and celebrate [Rochester’s] entrepreneurial roots and engage in what the future of innovation could look like in [the] community.”

GEW events at Rochester include an evening with the creators of DoApp, an app that helps manage all of your online apps in one place, a student showcase, and more.


New York
Syracuse University is also ready to celebrate its entrepreneurs in its local startup ecosystem. GEW Syracuse is coordinated by Blackstone Launchpad in collaboration with many partners. The University’s activities aim to connect local entrepreneurs, educators, researchers, investors, and community members with the overarching goal of maximizing entrepreneurs’ potential. Every day’s events are related to a communal theme. Monday was Kick-off day, followed up Social Entrepreneurship Day on Tuesday. Tomorrow the University will celebrate women in entrepreneurship, followed by Founders Day and Tech Commercialization Day on Thursday and Friday, respectively.


Impact Hub, Santa Barbara’s premier co-working space community, showed their support for GEW on the West Coast. On Monday and Tuesday, Impact Hub organized 13 skill-building workshops for young startups and entrepreneurs, as well as held the “Seed Spot 2-Day Launch,” a 2-day event aimed at helping social entrepreneurs and their teams will work to build a business centered on impact.

Topics for the 13 skill-building workshops ranged from finance to face-to-face business interaction. Events included how to create the best marketing roadmap for your company, and how diversity leads to innovation and success in any business. Day 1 of the Seed Spot Launch focused on helping entrepreneurs and their teams define their purpose and understand the problems they want to address. Day 2 focused on the entrepreneurs fine-tuning their idea, and pitching it to community members at the end of the evening for a chance to receive valuable feedback.

Farther up north in Sacramento, the capital of California, over a dozen entrepreneurship-focused events have been organized to showcase the city’s startup ecosystem talent. Thanks to StartupSac, Sacramento State, and the City of Sacramento, the local community have and will have access to a full week of pitch competitions, Tedx talks, and opportunities to network at events such as Co-Founder Speed Dating at UC Davis. For a full list of the Sacramento area’s events held during GEW, visit:


The startup community at Northeastern University is making sure entrepreneurs are celebrated through the organization of 4 exciting events at the University during GEW. They kicked off the week on monday with “Husky Startup Challenge: Demo Day”, presented by the Entrepreneurs Club. The event unveiled the startups that had gone through the initial Challenge. After being exposed to speakers, coaches and lessons throughout five “bootcamps”, the final teams pitched their startups to a panel of judges and people from the local community. The teams competed for cash prizes to invest into their ventures.

Aspiring entrepreneurs had the opportunity to connect with fellow entrepreneurs and trailblazers from across Northeastern’s thriving innovation ecosystem on Tuesday November 14. Attendees also had the pleasure of witnessing Amin Khoury, creator of B/E Aerospace, the market leader in airline cabin interiors manufacturing and services, be given the inaugural Distinguished Entrepreneur Award recipient of the year.

Local entrepreneurs are also invited to celebrate GEW at NEXPO, an entrepreneurship expo organized by IDEA, a venture accelerator at the University. The event will provide an opportunity for individuals to connect with participating ventures and guests to learn about market disruption, as well as build professional relationships with other students, mentors, and investors.

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