Greece Celebrates GEW Through Competitions Forums
14 Jan 2016

Why all this startup frenzy?

One answer is persistence, hunger and need. The engagement of the people and institutions that take part in this emerging ecosystem support it in practice through events like the 8th Global Entrepreneurship Week in Greece, where more than 40 institutions took part this year.

StartUp Safary Athens, with 50 speakers, 90 events and 1,500 participants, brought startups to the forefront of conversation for three consecutive days.

In “Entrepreneurial Athens”, where 56 activities, hosted by 34 institutions, promoted entrepreneurship in the municipality of Athens. There were 3000 participants, with a variety of presentations, events, workshops and competitions. Participants inlcuded members of the Athens Center for Entrepreneurship, innovation organizations, companies, universities, innovation hubs and incubators – all with a view to highlight the existing and vibrant ecosystem of the city and develop it in a more dynamic way.

In the event organized by the Hellenic Association of Young Entrepreneurs of Western Greece (ESYNEDE) in Patras, under the name “Growth through Marine Economy.” Speakers from the area of shipping, marine tourism and primary marine production, presented their sectors, highlighting innovation and Blue Growth and aiming at the promotion of networking, the exchange of good practices and innovation in marine economy.

The event by Organisation Earth, debuted the organization’s new space Earth@K44 to the public, with a view to present ways that new entrepreneurship provides solutions to social and environmental challenges, with collaboration and creation in the digital era.

AgroStartup, has a view to create an Entrepreneurship Laboratory in Thessaly and, through this, to provide practical knowledge and guidance to those who are interested in developing their own sustainable enterprise in the field of agrofood.

The year 2015 in Greece could be summed up in three small simple, but powerful words: More Than Ever.

It is a year during which startup entrepreneurship grew more than ever, and the year when the most initiatives empowering entrepreneurship developed more than ever.

And it couldn’t be anything less than the year when more partners than ever joined GEW Greece with a rich variety of activities to support entrepreneurship throughout the country.

Industry Disruptors – Game Changers, and ESYNE, co-hosted GEW Greece. The Pitching Battle was organized to host four GEW featured events in a single impactful day.

The Pitching Battle was a battle between innovators. It was a flow of ideas, a vibrant and fun startup pitching event featuring the Athens Founder Institute Graduates’ Showcase, back-to-back with the national finals of four international startup competitions.

The Athens Founder Institute Graduates’ Showcase, where the world’s largest tech entrepreneur training and startup launch program, introduced its Athens Graduates to the Greek entrepreneurial scene.

Because ideas never end, the most promising startups in Greece, finalists from four competitions, Future Agro ChallengeGet In The RingCreative Business Cup and CleanTech Open Global Ideas, fought for their ideas in front of investors, accelerators, foreign startups, startup attorneys and other local startup industry experts for a place in the international startup scene.

But because ‘more than ever’ only lasts for a short while, Greece continues to work to achieve even more for next year. The Get In The Ring regional finals that will take place in February in Athens, and the Future Agro Challenge global finals will be in Colombia, during the Global Entrepreneurship Congress. 

Andreas Stefanidis

President | OESYNE Federation of Hellenic Associations of Young Entrepreneurs

President of Academy of Entrepreneurship and Honorary President of the Federation of Hellenic Associations of Young Entrepreneurs - OESYNE.… More