Forum Group Discussion (FGD) with Indonesia Central Bank
25 May 2015

 UCEC, as one of the biggest entrepreneurship training, has been honoured to be one of the speakers in Forum Discussion Group (FGD), held by Indonesia Central Bank. This program was attended by some major sector who are working along in entrepreneurship sector. In this forum, Central Bank wanted to raise Indonesian economic by entrepreneurship. Therefore, government and private sectors were invited to dicuss how far Central Bank should involved in this matter. Academics from top university in Indonesia also invited in order to support entrepreneurial subjects that are being taught in university and support Central Bank to see what is coming. This forum was held in Mandarin Oriental Hotel Jakarta (May, 20th). 

Ivan Sandjaja

Managing Director | GEN Indonesia

Ivan A. SANDJAJA, a native to Indonesia, received his degrees in Chemical Engineering and Chemistry from Berlin, Germany and San Diego, California… More