Interview// Viorica Rumleanschi - Entrepreneurship it’s not about competition, it’s about learning from each other so as to develop a sustainable business
Viorica Rumleanschi
18 Sep 2019

GEN Moldova: Introduce yourself

Viorica Rumleanschi (VR): “My name is Viorica Rumleanschi, I am the owner of VIOSER Consulting and VIOSER Accounting, two companies that provide accounting, consulting services for start-ups and companies that want to start a business in Moldova.”

GEN Moldova: What is the profile of your company?

 VR: “In 2014 I set up my first company, VIOSER Consulting, providing consultancy services for both local and international companies that wanted to start a business in the Republic of Moldova. Our main services are: accounting, fiscal consultancy, consultancy on business and work permits in Moldova, drawing up business plans and feasibility studies, payroll services and liquidation of companies. So we provide a full package to other companies that want to outsource this type of services. In 2016, when the number of clients grew, we decided to separate the accounting, HR and payroll services from the consulting services. We set up the VIOSER Accounting company that provides all these services to companies. However, VIOSER Consulting provides consultancy if you want to start a business, draw up a business plan, a feasibility study, local market research and follows up with fiscal or tax consultancy, helping customers make the most efficient decisions about transactions, based on tax optimisation, work and stay permits for foreigners to the Republic of Moldova. We provide tax due diligence services and, finally, if the company decides not to go forward, we help them with liquidation.”

GEN Moldova: What kind of innovations do your companies bring to Accounting and Consultancy?

VR: “First of all, we do not just do the bookkeeping, we analyse the numbers, the figures, and we give the customer solutions in order to optimize and make the right decision at a managerial level. In the near future we plan to make a mobile application where the client will be able to see at any moment the numbers and daily worksheets, any time they want.” What are the steps taken to build a community around your business? “Besides doing business, we are responsible for the education of the community working in the accounting and financial field, so we do organize free entry events on a regular basis: Taxes at Dinner. This event brings together accountants, chief financial officers, students at accounting faculties and together we set a topic and we analyse it, come up with examples, the expertise and experience of the participants on this topic. This way we clarify all misunderstandings or gaps in the legislation, trying to help others that are currently in that type of situation. From our point of view, based on that, we contribute to educating and increasing the level of quality of these services on the local market.”

GEN Moldova: How do you protect your Intellectual Property?

VR: “We set up a security policy within the company, based on specific standards, allowing us to work in a secure environment and we follow this security policy every day. Both the employees and the employer sign this non-disclosure agreement, which protects our sensitive and personal data and any other information inside the company. In October 2017 we registered our brand (VIOSER) with the State Agency on Intellectual Property of the Republic of Moldova and now we can protect our identity on the local market. If at the beginning we focused mostly on accounting and HR services, later on we developed further our payroll services, especially for international companies that had a branch here in Moldova and we also adopted a new direction organising seminars and trainings for accountants from different industries (agriculture, trade, manufacturing, food and safety). In 2017 we recreated our range of services.”

GEN Moldova: Why do you continue to be an entrepreneur?

VR: “It’s the passion of mine and I just love it.”

GEN Moldova: What were the struggles that you faced?

VR: “The basic challenges are recruiting professional employees as our recruitment market at the moment is pretty difficult, because of the migration of young talented people. But we still have many young students and experienced professionals. Our only task is to motivate them to come and work with us. Another challenge is educating the customer on the fact that the outsourcing accounting company is not just an expense for the company. It’s difficult to make them understand that we are helping them make decisions at a managerial level, based on our studies, the numbers that we provide and thus they are able to grow as a company, make decisions in order to expand their operations. We give them a better understanding of the value of accounting services, that it is not an expense, but an investment that brings added value in time.”

What are the lessons learned?

VR: “People can change. There are no people that you can’t change. Always keep moving forward, even if you feel that you are breaking down, when you feel that that’s it! If you trust and believe in what you want to do, it will become true. I am sure of this!”

GEN Moldova: How do you share your lessons with entrepreneurial community?

 VR: “I am a member of a few Community Associations, where I’m often invited to share my experience in business, how it is to do business in Moldova. Also, we organise meetings with business women in order to discuss and exchange experiences and to be better at the things that we do. It’s not about competition, it’s about learning from each other so as to develop a sustainable local and international business. I’m never afraid to tell people what it’s like to grow a business, what are the steps that we need to take to get there.”

GEN Moldova: Share also some future plans.

VR: “We are working on a new business idea. I can’t tell you now, but I will be back with this information in 6 months!”

GEN Moldova: Thank you for your time! 


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