UNDERSTAND | November 24, 2019

Start-up Account Series: Sachin Shrestha

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Sachin Shrestha

Co-founder, The Local Project

Despite producing exceptionally good quality products, many Nepali artisans and brands often struggle to reach the right market. This dismal condition of the local market led Sachin Shrestha and Binam Shakya,  the two co-founders of The Local Project Nepal, to come together to create a platform for native and indigenous products. While their venture gives customers direct access to a diverse range of high-quality 100% locally made items, it is also driven by the desire to support the growth of the local entrepreneurs and brands. “This store and the regular events that we host, we believe, will showcase quality local products to a wide audience, thus leading to a growth of the Nepali market and benefiting a number of people in the process,” says Shrestha.

Reflecting on the journey so far, Shrestha says, “Quitting a fixed income job and taking the risk to start something on our own was very unusual at first.” It surely is a risk to invest in a new venture, but what presented as riskier to the venture was its business model. Shrestha adds, “ Our business model was very new in the market and the results were completely unknown to us.” After over two years of operating the Local Project Nepal, Shrestha and his co-founder have grown more confident in taking risks and decision-making. Shrestha says, “A simple logic I made was ' if I fail then I may lose money but if things work out then I most definitely will be exposed to a wider horizon". The same lesson has become a mantra for decision making in other aspects of Shrestha’s life, he says, “It is what made me take the risk for every decision I made.”

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