UNDERSTAND | November 21, 2019

Start-up Account Series: Suyash Shrestha

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Suyash Shrestha

Co-founder, Nuga:

As consumers become more aware of the effect of synthetic chemicals that they put on their skin, the demand for a more natural and safer alternative has seen a spike in the beauty market. More and more people want their personal care products to be 100% natural. One start-up is trying to cater to the same demand. Nuga: produces handmade, natural, safe and edible-grade personal care products, such as body scrubs, lip balms, and lip scrubs. Suyash Shrestha, the co-founder of Nuga:, says, “We source most of our raw materials from different parts  of the country and import some, process them and turn them into amazing personal care products.” 

Nuga: aims to not only become a leader in personal care products in the Nepali market but also introduce Nepal’s cultural skincare heritage to the global market. For a company with such high ambition, it faced its share of challenges along the line. Shrestha adds, “One of the major hurdles for us was the implementation of the EXIM Code. While the implementation itself was not the problem, the difficulty actually was the lack of information available to both the general public and the government bodies/employees.”  The company lost its first two big orders because it could not import packaging materials without the EXIM Code. 

Shrestha, thus opines, “The concerned government bodies/employees should be properly communicated and educated - not just regarding the criteria and eligibility but also as to why such policies are being implemented.” He believes that unless the general public understands how such policies benefit them and the country’s economy its smooth implementation will always remain an uphill task.

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