Trigger.Systems wins Get in The Ring Cascais Portugal and earns passport to global final in Singapure
26 Sep 2017

By DNA Cascais, partner of the consortium GEN Portugal

Trigger.Systems won the prestigious Get in The Ring Cascais competition, which took place on march 27th at Estoril Congress Center, in Cascais. Get in The Ring Cascais, an initiative promoted by the entrepreneurship agency DNA Cascais with GEN Portugal support, involved approximately 20 startups, of which only 7 were selected to go up on stage and take this challenge, which was held for the first time in Portugal. According to Francisco Manso, CEO of the winning startup, “this victory is a great recognition that the huge investment we have made in making systems more efficient and reducing their ecological footprint is worth it!” We were very pleased that the jury was engaged to our Mission (#ITES) to save water and energy! (# ITES- Inteligence and Technology to Efficiency and Sustainability).

During Get in The Ring Cascais there were 3 one-on-one “battles”, which put the selected startups face to face: Glexyz Vs NESTO; DigitArena Vs Cuckuu and Trigger.Systems Vs Tripaya Vs Cook4Me. After a brief introduction by all the startups, followed by 5 rounds, in which the entrepreneurs approached topics such as team potencial,  business model, achievements and the investments and gains already made,  it ended with a Q & A and the voting for the winner, determined by the judges of the competition, designated as Champion Jury Members, which included well-known names of the Portuguese business ecosystem, such as: Adelino Matos, President of ANJE; Adiari Vázquez, Investment Manager of Caixa Capital; Miguel Ribeiro Ferreira, recognized Business Angel and CEO of INVESPRI SA, Acquajet (Spain) and Fonte Viva; Paulo Andrez, President Emeritus of EBAN, Board Member at DNA Cascais and Business Angel; Simon Schaefer, CEO of StartUP Portugal and Founder & CEO of Factory; Tim Vieira, renowned investor, CEO of Special Edition Holding (Africa) and Bravegeneration (Europe), Isabel Neves, recognized investor and president of the Lisbon Business Angels Club and Ana Barjasic, Managing Director of Global Entrepreneurship Network Portugal and Director of European Commission Projects in EBAN.

The winners of these clashes, Glexyz, DigitArena and Trigger.Systems, still faced a “knockout pitch” where the big winner was decided.

According to the entrepreneur Francisco Manso, “Winning Get in The Ring Cascais will give us a great opportunity to multiply the savings values we have already achieved and test our business model (benefit from the benefits of the client) in other clients, in other environments and in other geographies. “

The winning project, which won a prize money of € 1000 and a trip to Singapore for the international final, will now have the opportunity to attend the Get in The Ring Global competition, where, for 3 days, they’ll get the chance to participate in mentoring and advice sessions about their business, get in touch with reputed investors, business leaders, as well as potential clients and international entrepreneurs in their area of activity, which will be a unique opportunity for global exposure.

According to Paulo Andrez, Board Member at DNA Cascais, “the quality of startups in Get in The Ring Cascais demonstrates the growing potential of the Portuguese entrepreneurial ecosystem and our ability to organize successful entrepreneurship events in Cascais. We are certain that we will be well represented in the international competition in Singapore. “

In this global final, which will take place between the 17th and 19th of May in Singapore, the portuguese startup Trigger.Systems will compete with 150 startups from 100 countries worldwide, in an event that will bring together thousands of participants. See the program:

About Get in the Ring:

Get in the Ring Foundation is an organization that gives startups global exposure through a fun and innovative format, with the goal of building a valuable network to start, grow and expand their business. The Foundation is present in more than 100 countries and works together with the leaders of entrepreneurship ecosystems around the world. Get in the Ring is known for its innovative format where startups face each other inside a boxing ring. A battle between 2 startups consists of 5 “rounds” with a duration of 30 seconds each that involves themes such as team, results and business model.