Rewarding Staff Keeping Work Fun in the UK Renewables Sector
18 Nov 2016

Nathaniel Peat, founder of GeNNex, has been involved with Virgin Unite before, when he won a competition which saw him join Sir Richard Branson on Necker Island. So when Virgin Unite launched the Action Network, Nathaniel was the ideal candidate to take part. He explained what he got from being involved in the project.

GeNNex is a renewable energy company innovating on solar technologies to provide solar products and power solutions for homes, businesses and commercial property. We help solve increasing demand for power options within emerging markets, where 1.25 billion people live without electricity. We’re a Virgin StartUp funded company.

Our solar products charge phone devices and provide power to homes and commercial property, using our off grid power systems. We empower communities by teaching them how to build, assemble and maintain our devices, creating a workforce that supports commercial sales, while providing education, learning and jobs. We also teach STEM – Science, Technology, Engineering, Maths – in schools, where young people who are disengaged with science are taught how to build solar lanterns. These are then shipped out to partner schools in Africa whose pupils have no light.

Before we signed up for the Action Network, we had an idea about core values, but hadn’t yet expanded upon them or translated it into a digestible format for our employees to embed.

The Action Network’s ‘People Challenge’ taught us to further appreciate our employees and recognise the importance of the entire staff base understanding our core values.

We enjoyed seeing the impact it had on our employees, especially our star employee who had a great boost when we showed our appreciation for her.

We really focused on consistency and building a family, and a fun environment within our company. The Action Network reminded us to keep our work fun! We set aside company time for socialising, where we could have a break and go for a meal. We are planning a trip to an evening concert together so that all of us, regardless of position, can let our hair down.

We are continually combing technologies to create greater impact in lots of other areas too and have exciting plans for 2017. We aim to expand operations and distribute further across Africa and the Caribbean. To top it all off, there is a song that has been written for us by an award-winning song writer and produced by a Grammy Award-winning producer from the United States. This is to assist us launch our marketing campaign, #WheresUrEnergy, which will promote our social programmes, GeNNex Blueprint.

For more on Virgin Unite’s Action Network, visit here.