Show Me the Funding! Understanding Risk Capital and other ways to fund your company

Activity Description

Show Me the Funding! Understanding Risk Capital and other ways to fund your company

Topics Covered:

- Understanding Venture Capital
- Understanding VC Math- we make it easy!
- Loan financing
- Grants and other awards
- Crowdfunding


About the 2 Part Workshop:

Show Me the Funding!: 

  • Tuesday, Nov. 9
    • 3-5 p.m. (2hr. Virtual) 

It's About the Story! - Creating and Delivering a Great Investor Presentation

  • Thursday, Nov. 11 
    • 3-5 p.m. (2hr. Virtual)  


Show Me the Funding! is an entertaining, fast-moving and highly informative workshop designed to help you understand funding and how to get it. 

Show Me the Funding!  will help entrepreneurs understand risk capital (venture and other), what funders want to see, and how to create and deliver a winning investor presentation.

It details funding math and funding methods like convertible debt, grants and crowdfunding as well as entrepreneurial ventures that can't or shouldn't raise risk capital.

Topics covered in the Show Me the Funding! workshop:

·         Understanding different types of funding, including venture capital, grants, bootstrapping, debt financing, EDO-based funding, angels crowdfunding, and convertible debt

·         Understanding funding math and terms

·         Creating your investment presentation and story, including the It's About the Story! concept, effective slide design, explaining technology using the "Discovery Channel" method, describing your market, team, intellectual property, use of funds and everything that should be covered in a time limited investment presentation.

·         Delivering your presentation in a compelling and effective way, including presentation "dos and don'ts", making your presentation "pop", adjusting for different presenter styles and other best practices for an effective investor presentation. 

·         Writing the 5-7 page business plan that’s consistent with and complementary to your presentation


About the Presenter: 

Chris Mather, Leveragent's principal, is a noted technology executive, who has held C-level and general management positions at major U.S. corporations, like Thermo Electron and American Power Conversion, large regional manufacturing companies and venture capital-backed firms. Mr. Mather has also held sales, marketing and management positions at Hewlett Packard, and other technology companies. Chris holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Worcester Polytechnic Institute.

Over the past fifteen years, Chris has worked in entrepreneurial development in executive positions, designing and implementing entrepreneurial support, early-stage funding and entrepreneurial development program.. He specializes in directly coaching companies and preparing them for effective investment presentations.

Companies Chris has coached have collectively raised over $120 million in follow-on funding, and have utilized the presentations, messaging and skills developed in the process to attract partners, customers and investors. Mr. Mather is one of the best investment presentation coaches in the U.S.