Pauly Suchy Joins GEN to Lead Startup Programs
Photo Credit: Suchy at Global Entrepreneurship Week 2018
Pauly Suchy has joined GEN as the Manager for Startup Programs.
10 Feb 2021

The Global Entrepreneurship Network announced that Pauly Suchy has joined the organization as the Manager for Startup Programs where he is responsible for running and growing its key startup and investor initiatives. He began the assignment on February 1.

Suchy takes over day-to-day operations of Startup Huddle, a program that builds local startup communities while crowd-sourcing advice and support, one entrepreneur at a time. In addition, he will help coordinate the GEN Starters Club and the Global Business Angels Network.

“As entrepreneurs look to reboot and recover following this global pandemic, they must have access to programming and support systems to help them thrive,” said Jonathan Ortmans, president of the Global Entrepreneurship Network. “Pauly has proven himself to be a committed ecosystem builder with a wealth of passion and determination to help entrepreneurs anywhere and everywhere.”

Suchy joins GEN from after serving for more than two years as a volunteer in leading its Global Entrepreneurship Week initiative in Ohio. He had served as a community organizer for the Cleveland area and most recently as the state coordinator for the entire state of Ohio.

"Working with GEN gives me the rare opportunity to follow my passion while becoming a better ecosystem builder and entrepreneur,” said Suchy. “I am excited to use my expertise to support entrepreneurs and strengthen startup communities around the world.”

Overseeing Startup Huddle, Suchy will manage a collection of local organizers leading more than 50 chapters in 44 countries. The program consists of weekly or monthly gatherings of local community and business leaders, founders, ecosystem builders, investors and others interested in helping startups in their community.

GEN Starters Club is Club is a program that identifies talented founders leading promising startups and provides them with access to training and support to help them scale no matter where they are in the world. Suchy will moderate the community and coordinate opportunities for mentorship and visibility.

Global Business Angels Network mentors new national investor networks, providing training and support to: improve investor capacity, amplify the angel “voice” to regulatory issue discussions and advance policies to increase early-stage investing and facilitate cross-border investing. Suchy will manage the community and serve as an interface with the GBAN board of directors.

Suchy has spent time launching startups and supporting ecosystem development in Ohio, New York and Paraguay.

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