GEW 2020: Official Launch of Global Entrepreneurship Week

Official Launch of GEW 2020
Activity Description

This November, GEW 2020 is rallying almost every nation in the world to empower their entrepreneurs and encourage their citizens to become starters – finding new and better ways of doing things. In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and its unprecedented impact, GEW 2020 is a call to action for all societies to be resilient and come together in leveraging the power of new ideas and innovation for the benefit of all.

This official launch event will feature a virtual 'State of the Union' for entrepreneurship in 180 countries from Jonathan Ortmans, founder of Global Entrepreneurship Week. National campaign leaders from BrazilChina, New Zealand, Nigeria, Russia, Saudi ArabiaSpain and the United States will share anticipated highlights from their respective countries. The session will conclude with a panel discussion with additional national GEW campaign leaders and efforts to build back our economies stronger than ever. Participating in the panel discussion will be leaders from BangladeshBermudaCanada and Denmark.



08:00 EST / 13:00 GMT

GEW 2020: Official Opening Announcement
Jonathan Ortmans
President, Global Entrepreneurship Network

08:10 EST / 13:10 GMT

GEW 2020: National Campaign Highlights

  • Amal Dokhan
    GEW Saudi Arabia

  • Denis Didkovsky
    GEW Russia
  • Albert Colomer
    GEW Spain

  • Eduardo Diogo
    GEW Brazil

  • Eileen Wu
    GEW China

  • Olawale Anifowose
    GEW Nigeria

  • Dave Moskovitz
    GEW New Zealand

  • Ellen Bateman

08:35 EST / 13:35 GMT

GEW 2020: Building Back Begins Now
Moderated by: Jonathan Ortmans


  • Jamillah Lodge
    GEW Bermuda

  • Asif Iqbal

  • Peter Kofler
    GEW Denmark
  • Dan Ouimet

08:50 EST / 13:50 GMT

Moderated Audience Q+A
Select questions from the audience.