WHAT YOU CAN LEARN FROM VENTURE CAPITAL PROFESSIONALS - From the Quick Test for Business Ideas to Entrepreneurial Thinking

Business Model Evaluation Tool
Activity Description

Why do most startups fail? What makes a successful business model? How can a business idea be improved? In this interactive online event, you will learn first-hand:
1. what mistakes you can avoid,
2. what you should pay attention to and
3. when it is worthwhile to implement a business idea.

Especially interesting for: university teachers & start-up consultants at entrepreneurship centers, students & alumni, founders & (young) companies

The event takes place virtual via ZOOM on November 10th, at 10 am (PST). Get your personal invite with a free registration now: info@ideascanner.com (subject GEW2021) or just click the registration button below!


IDEASCANNER is the digital tool to evaluate business models within minutes, e.g. at incubator/accelerator programs and in entrepreneurship centers at universities to drive entrepreneurial thinking in corporate innovation and entrepreneurship education.

This is your opportunity now to hear also the story behind IDEASCANNER, from the first world tour in a "flying car" to the "pre-flight check" for business ideas. Meet the founders, Mel and Andy. Thogether with their team, the pilot and entrepreneur couple, are helping the next generation of entrepreneurs evaluate and improve business models by democratizing the knowledge of successful venture capitalists (VCs) through the use of artificial intelligence (AI).