Over 30 institutions will collaborate in the Global Entrepreneurship Week CREE Banreservas
12 Nov 2016

The event will take place from November 14 to 20 at the MIREX Convention Center with the expected attendance of over 2,500 people.

Over 30 institutions in the Dominican Republic will collaborate in the “Official Event” of the Global Entrepreneurship Week in the country, organized from November 14th to 20th by Banco de Reservas at the Ministry of Exterior Relations Convention Center.


The CEO of Banreservas Mr. Simon Lizardo Mézquita will do the opening ceremony of this global event on Monday, November 14th at 6:30 PM, even though there will workshops for entrepreneurs and youths starting in the morning. 


The program will have over 60 activities free of charge, intended to 11th and 12th grade high school students, university students, businessmen, entrepreneurs and public in general. We are expecting an attendance of over 2,500 people coming from different areas linked to the entrepreneurial community.


Although Banreservas is the official venue organizer, private and government institutions will co-organized several of the activities programed for the week, many of which will be organized simultaneously.


Each day the program will have seminars about entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship education and social innovation, by national and international speakers.


Every night, from November 14th to 20th the Global Entrepreneurship Week in the Dominican Republic will have international speakers promoting the best international practices in entrepreneurship, so the attendees can learn about the experiences in other successful countries regarding identification and project formulation of this nature.


During this activity, several entrepreneurs and institutions will be rewarded for their contribution to the entrepreneurial ecosystem, as well as supporting the progress in favor of pre-acceleration programs and entrepreneurship competitions executed in 2016.


Startup Weekend

From November 18th to 20th, as part of the Global Entrepreneurship Week, Startup Weekend “Mejorando Vidas” will be held. In just 54 hours entrepreneurs from different occupations will come together to work on innovative projects that will benefit their surroundings and the Dominican society.


This initiative is part of the activities organized by the Program CREE Banreservas, dedicated to support the Dominican entrepreneurs. In this way it contributes to the enrichment and strengthen of the entrepreneurial ecosystems in the country.


The Global Entrepreneurship Week has the support of the Red Nacional de Emprendimiento, the Ministerio de Industria y Comercio; Centro de la Promoción a la Pequeña y Mediana Empresa de la Región (SICA), Alianza Dominicana por el Emprendimiento, and the Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores, among other entities.

Patricia Acosta

Head, Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Division | Red Nacional De Emprendimiento de la República Dominicana

<p>Patricia has over 15&nbsp;years of experience developing entrepreneurial programs.</p>

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