Egypt Shining Global Spotlight on Its Entrepreneurs
This article is part of a series highlighting EWC national organizers around the world.
30 Jun 2020

GEN partnered with MiSK Foundation to launch the Entrepreneurship World Cup (EWC), and now it is even bigger and better than last year. EWC Egypt is led by GEN Egypt, a national affiliate of the Global Entrepreneurship Network. We spoke with Basma Hasan Said, its media and marketing coordinator, on how the impact of joining a global community through the Entrepreneurship World Cup came to be a golden opportunity for Egypt’s startup ecosystem. 

This article is part of a series highlighting EWC national organizers around the world. 


GEN: Tell us about the startup ecosystem in your country. What are its main characteristics? If you could change one thing to make it better, what would it be? Who are the stars of your country’s ecosystem? 

Basma Hasan Said: Egypt’s entrepreneurship ecosystem is growing rapidly with the increase in both the number of organizations that support entrepreneurs and the number of startups. One of the main characteristics is inclusiveness as the ecosystem opens the door for all entrepreneurs in all fields. There are opportunities for everyone.

I’d like to have an entity that gathers all the efforts made for entrepreneurs to be in one place so it’d be easier for entrepreneurs to search for opportunities in one platform instead of wasting time in navigating different places.

I would have to say the stars in Egypt’s ecosystem are Riseup, TECHNE, Fekretak Sherketak and GEN Egypt.


GEN: Tell us about your organization. What does it do to support entrepreneurs and/or grow your startup ecosystem? 

Basma Hasan Said: GEN Egypt works to empower entrepreneurs in Egypt in their different stages, whether they’re in the idea stage, early stage or growth stage. We provide a number of activities such as: competitions, networking events, conferences, summits, etc. to empower entrepreneurs with financial prizes, powerful contacts and academic knowledge.

Also, GEN Egypt supports entrepreneurs to develop their ideas and grow their startups with different training and mentorship programs that are tailored according to their needs and business objectives.


GEN: When did you decide to get involved in the Entrepreneurship World Cup and why? 

Basma Hasan Said: Last year, because EWC is a unique opportunity with many national and global gains for all entrepreneurs.

GEN: How does EWC support the other work that your organization does? 

Basan Hasan Said: As we position ourselves as an empowering organization that support entrepreneurs in Egypt with different opportunities, EWC came to be a golden opportunity that we use to help and support as many entrepreneurs as we can and guide them through this chance to go global, win financial prizes to implement their ideas/grow their startups and last but not least, learn new skills.

GEN: What do you hope to achieve with EWC 2020? 

Basan Hasan Said: We hope to empower Egyptian entrepreneurs and provide them a chance to go global.

Julia DiLeo

Digital Communications Associate | Global Entrepreneurship Network

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