SUPPORT | August 7, 2019

GEN Egypt initiated "Everybody Can" Competition to support people of all abilities for a balanced ecosystem in Egypt.

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Supporting people of all abilities, between creative ideas and limited opportunities!

GEN Egypt initiated "Everybody Can" Competition to support people of all abilities for a balanced ecosystem in Egypt.

We always hear promising phrases like “Dreams are for everyone” but sometimes we need to stop and ask ourselves, are they really are?
GEN Egypt led an initiative to support people of all abilities by organizing a competition in which its name reflects its own core values; “Everybody Can” Competition. The competition aimed to provide equal opportunities for everyone to take part in.
The "Everybody Can" competition was organized by GEN Egypt/MCSBE, in collaboration with the US Consulate in Alexandria, the US Embassy in Cairo and the Netherlands Embassy in Cairo. This competition paved the road for people of all abilities in various fields, especially entrepreneurship, to achieve the sustainable development of young people.

The competition took place in Alexandria governorate from May to July 2019. The "Everybody Can" competition accepted ideas/startups that belong to people with disabilities as well as ideas/startups that serve people with disabilities by providing solutions to the different challenges they face.

“Everybody Can” had 3 stages, applications and filtration phase, the Bootcamp phase and the finals day. The finalists received a tailored training before the final pitching in front of a chosen jury. On the finals day, 9 teams presented their ideas competing for the first three winning stages. The first, second and third-place winners received financial prizes to support their ideas be implemented on the ground.

The winning teams were chosen according to the ideas’ ability to grow and develop, the vision of the idea, the possibilities of the team to develop and implement it and the business plan's quality. The winning ideas empower people with disabilities by providing innovative solutions. The first-place team, (ihelp), is an online platform that helps people with special needs and the elderly to find services or information easily in just a few steps while ensuring easy access and price. The second-place team, (Noor Electronic Stick), creates an electronic stick to help visually impaired people to overcome most of the problems they encounter while moving from one place to another. The third-place team, (Car Race Simulator), is the first entertainment and interactive game that is participatory in Arabic to simulate the car racing experience for visually impaired people.

As entrepreneurship always calls for innovation, encouraging more creative people to come on board, inclusivity became a must. People with different disabilities must-have a share from the support since they represent a significant segment in all communities as well as their undeniable talents, persistence, and passion in everything they do.
As minor steps lead to major transformations, GEN Egypt/MCSBE aimed to change people’s perception of people with disabilities in Egypt by creating an empowering opportunity in a form of a competition to draw people's attention towards their ideas and inspire more to innovate ideas that can contribute in improving their lives.
The “Everybody Can” competition received noticeable attention as well as a lot of positive feedback from the people with disabilities community who viewed it as an opportunity to show their capabilities in addition to giving room for ideas/startups that help them to have an easier life.