CELEBRATE | February 3, 2019

Setting a new record GEN Egypt ends 2018 with 14 Startup Huddle events!

Setting a new record GEN Egypt ends 2018 with 14 Startup Huddle events!
Photo Credit: GEN Egypt

2018 was a fruitful year when it comes to the number of activities that occurred in the global entrepreneurial ecosystem under (GEN)’s umbrella however, the Egyptian affiliate; GEN Egypt rocked it by organizing a total of 14 Startup Huddle events in both Cairo and Alexandria governorates.

About Startup Huddle: Startup Huddle is a GEN-based program, that is designed to educate, engage, and connect entrepreneurs. Originally developed by the Kauffman Foundation, Startup Huddle is based on the notion that the best way for entrepreneurs to discover solutions to the challenges that they encounter is through purposeful engagement with one another.

Throughout the 14 events, GEN Egypt addressed a wide range of topics such as: Healthcare, Tech, Education, Digital platforms, Transportation, Tourism, Disability, Environment, VR, 3D Printings and Recycling.
The variety of topics was to enrich the discussions between the startups’ founders and the attending audience to come up with solutions to different challenges in the ecosystem.

GEN Egypt developed a framework to engage both the audience and the startups’ founders to think together, In the first part of the session, the startups’ founders explain their startups’ ideas while the second part is dedicated to questions between the audience and the startups’ founders in a way benefits the audience with gathered expertise as well as helping the startups’ founders with effective solutions for any unsolved challenges they still might face.

During 2018, Startup Huddle in Egypt tackled some of the most serious challenges that exist in the Egyptian ecosystem such as the lack of the suitable human resources, finding new sources of income and obtaining raw materials to find them convenient solutions.

The Startup Huddle Chain gave the chance to many emerging startups to rise among the entrepreneurial community reaching their intended target audience as well as generating more exposure.
In 2018, Startup Huddle in Egypt had the pleasure to host 28 startups in different fields with 350 attendees in addition to receiving 1000 applications of potential entrepreneurs who applied to attend.

Entrepreneurship is one of the growing fields in Egypt reflecting on the number of startups that appear each year. This growth causes a really challenging edge which shows in the number of events and activities carried out by different entities in the ecosystem to create awareness about entrepreneurship and provide guidance to more entrepreneurs. As new markets open new doors, Entrepreneurship’s new opportunities shine making all organizations compete to deliver the needed effects as well as gaining a wide exposure. Through Startup Huddle, GEN Egypt aim to form a small community, a gateway for entrepreneurs whether they’re just starting or experienced to get together once a month for bonding and knowledge sharing.

Starting 2019, new objectives have been marked on the 2019 bucket list of the Egyptian team such as: gaining more exposure among the ecosystem, expanding to more Egyptian governorates, inspiring and calling for more entrepreneurs to get on board and start investing in themselves by increasing the number of Startup Huddle sessions across Egypt and finally thinking through some of the existing challenges that face young entrepreneurs. 

About GEN Egypt, started in 2010, Gen Egypt is the official affiliate of GEN Global, a guiding platform for starting entrepreneurs who need to understand more about entrepreneurship, be more involved in the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Egypt and lead them through their journey of implementing their ideas on ground or grow their already established startups.