CELEBRATE | February 1, 2017

Cape Verde Mobilizes Public Private Sector Partnerships to Celebrate GEW 2016

Photo Credit: GEW Cape Verde


During Global Entrepreneurship, held in November each year, nearly 10 million people celebrate entrepreneurship simultaneously across the globe – and Cape Verde mobilize more than 10,000 participants through activities, programs and its international entrepreneurship fair.

Entrepreneur Bruno Barbosa, of the company Ideia that created a platform called TourCV, helped conduct a Startup Weekend program during the Week’s celebration. TourCV is an application that brings tourist news about Cape Verde Islands to the mobile platform. From traditional foods to the wilder attractions, local and international tourists can experience the country at their fingertips.

Also during the Week, there was a creation of incentives, REMPE-Special Regime for Micro and Small Companies, that will now grant various tax, customs and social security incentives to MPE’s, establishing the (TEU) unified special tax where companies will only pay 4 percent of TEU volume invoicing. This was created in 2014, in a partnership between the government and GEW organizers, the Cape Verde GEW host reports, and was implemented in full this year.

Another event was the Aula Magna on entrepreneurs, which happened in all 44 secondary schools across the country – simultaneously – on the same day and in the same hour, which mobilized more than 5,000 students and participants. It was an event tailor-made for Cape Verde, and has a strong involvement from the ministry of education.

Objectives of the students day for entrepreneurship included raising awareness of entrepreneurship to young people, as an option for a career choice or professional life, teach students entrepreneurial skills and knowledge, inform them about the activities of GEW, and to encourage students to think about entrepreneurship and self-employment as a viable career option.

Another activity with great impact in the GEW framework was the High Level Roundtable on entrepreneurship. In the latest edition, proposals were discussed by the government, private sector organizations and higher education institutions to set a priority of commitments to accelerate entrepreneurship as an instrument of economic growth and job creation.

The High Level Round Table brought together senior public and private sector leaders to discuss and make commitments in improving the business environment. 

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