Steinbarth Strives to Develop a National Entrepreneurial Ecosystem through GEN Liberia
20 Nov 2018

WASHINGTON, DC – A decade of economic and legal reforms developed with the active involvement of the business society has resulted in a growing entrepreneurial ecosystem in Liberia. Christian Steinbarth and Ben Beuchel are actively working to expand coordination and collaboration among the country’s ecosystem leaders. Their vision is to provide every entrepreneur and potential entrepreneur in Liberia with the opportunity to start and scale their business.

“Our aim is to empower and inspire entrepreneurs, and support the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Liberia. We are collaborating with organizations and sectors engaged in fostering and supporting entrepreneurs.” said Steinbarth. “We are striving to develop a nation-wide entrepreneurial ecosystem and create and nurture an environment and culture where entrepreneurship is encouraged, supported, and likely to succeed.”

Steinbarth is an entrepreneur, investor and business development expert. He has been leading SPARK Liberia and is a co-founder and managing partner of Ignite Fund Liberia. A business and investment climate expert, he has advised on business and investment policies in Liberia since 2013. He is the author of “Social Enterprise in a Post-Conflict Context: Monrovia, Liberia” and co-authored Liberia's Special Economic Zone Act.

Beuchel is an economist serving with Liberia’s Ministry of Commerce and Industry. He advised both the former and current Ministers on trade and investment policy and led pro-business reforms. He has served as a management consultant working for private and public sector clients in Germany, the Netherlands and Burkina Faso. He also chaired Enactus, a social entrepreneurs’ club, where he supervised 6 project teams and coordinated the board. Beuchel is a co-founder and managing partner in Ignite Fund Liberia with Steinbarth.

With their deep and rich experience and expertise in Liberia’s public, private and non-profit sectors, GEN Global appointed Steinbarth in June 2017 to guide the development of GEN Liberia. To support the growth and development of entrepreneurship in Liberia, GEN Liberia will develop collaborative projects that inspire, and lead in the creation of a vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem. Initially, GEN Liberia will focus on:

  • Coordinating Liberia’s ecosystem stakeholders critical to strengthening entrepreneurship across the country
  • Implementing high-impact GEN programs that not only support existing and potential entrepreneurs, but also to increase their number
  • Facilitating dialogue between policymakers and entrepreneurs in Liberia to foster a better understanding of the needs of entrepreneurs and better entrepreneurship support policies
  • Creating an entrepreneurship support center for incubation, and acceleration, where entrepreneurs can access the resources, coaching, mentorship, and co-creation environment to develop and scale their enterprises
  • Establishing a Liberia Business Angels Network based on proven models to activate nascent capital and mentorship capacity and investor appetite in Liberia and among diaspora.


About the Global Entrepreneurship Network
GEN operates a platform of programs in 170 countries aimed at making it easier for anyone, anywhere to start and scale a business. By fostering collaboration among entrepreneurs, investors, researchers, policymakers and entrepreneurial support organizations, GEN works to fuel stronger start and scale ecosystems that create jobs, educate individuals, accelerate innovation and increase economic growth. For details on the programs and communities that make up GEN, visit and follow @unleashingideas on Twitter.



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