The Global Entrepreneurship Network partners with Crush Capital on original new docuseries, Going Public
The series launches on October 19 with episodes airing during Global Entrepreneurship Week.
16 Sep 2021

Going Public is a groundbreaking new series that follows the journeys of entrepreneurs as they prepare to go public. Premiering October 19 on, Going Public is the first series that features companies that are accepting investments from viewers, while they watch. Episodes will also air during Global Entrepreneurship Week (November 8-14, 2021).

The show follows the public offering journey of three companies and shares priceless leadership advice and guidance from three mentors -- including Jeff Hoffman, chair of the Global Entrepreneurship Network (GEN) and executive producer of Going Public, Jaime Schmidt of Schmidt Naturals, and Josh Snow of Snow Whitening.

"Going Public puts the spotlight on under-represented entrepreneurs and gives viewers access to the stories behind these companies," said Hoffman. “We look forward to sharing these stories, particularly during Global Entrepreneurship Week, when we come together to celebrate and empower entrepreneurs everywhere.”

"The partnership with the Global Entrepreneurship Network is a logical and necessary next step in our mission to provide mass mainstream awareness for Going Public with entrepreneurs and investors both domestically and internationally," said Darren Marble, Going Public series co-creator and co-founder of Crush Capital, a pioneering fintech firm.

"The reach and mission of the Global Entrepreneurship Network aligns perfectly with the series, Going Public," added executive producer and Crush Capital co-founder, Todd Goldberg. "As GEN aims to make it easier to start and scale a business, Going Public chronicles the journey of a diverse cast of entrepreneurs, as they open their public offerings to viewers who can now click-to-invest, while they watch.”

The show will be streamed on, which claims 20 million monthly unique visitors. It is being produced by Emmy-nominated studio INE Entertainment, whose previous reality-show credits include "The Biggest Loser" and "MasterChef."

Lauren Simmons, the youngest-ever female trader on the New York Stock Exchange and second Black woman ever to hold such a role, will host the inaugural season and aims to demystify the investment process.

Joining a cast of growth-stage companies is TREBEL, a free-to-consumer music app that is intent on developing a music service for billions of people not being served by the big music streaming players.

Proven Skincare is a multi-million dollar skincare company whose award-winning AI-led approach to customized skincare has propelled their 2000%+ growth in their first full year in the $190B skincare market.

Rounding out the season one cast of companies is Hammitt, an emerging player in the prestige handbag market that created a direct-to-consumer world where form meets function, quality materials triumph and lifetime promises reign supreme. 

"Our mission at GEN is to make it easier for anyone, anywhere to start and scale a company," said Jonathan Ortmans, President and CEO, Global Entrepreneurship Network. "Going Public is introducing viewers to opportunities that make this possible."

Stay tuned for more about this original show, the featured cast of companies and the unique viewership opportunity the show presents. 

  • See Proven’s offering circular here
  • See Trebel’s offering circular here
  • See Hammitt’s offering circular here
  • See Crush Capital 17(b) disclosure here  

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