Fort Worth Examines the State of Entrepreneurship Locally
Fort Worth plans to address the ecosystem's strengths, weaknesses and ways to improve the entrepreneurial space during GEW.
15 Oct 2021

During GEW 2020, Fort Worth, Texas hosted the most activities in the United States showing the community’s dedication to entrepreneurship and shining a spotlight on the entrepreneurial ecosystem as one to watch. There was something for everyone to participate in during GEW 2020, allowing voices to be heard and knowledge to be shared.  

As part of GEW 2021, they will be hosting The State of Entrepreneurship in Fort Worth. This conversation will look at data from the ecosystem, addressing its strengths, weakness and ways to improve the entrepreneurial space.  

Ecosystems is a theme of Global Entrepreneurship Week. Communities are encouraged to take a look at their entrepreneurial ecosystems and how they can improve the environment for businesses to start and grow locally. Communities like Fort Worth are leveraging GEW to have some these important conversations and develop plans of action to improve.  

The State of Entrepreneurship in Fort Worth will be led by Ian Hathaway, Vice President of Capital at Techstars and co-author of The Startup Community and The Startup Community Way.  

Find other activities taking place in Fort Worth and around the country during GEW here.  

Ellen Erickson

Director for U.S. Ecosystems | Global Entrepreneurship Network

Ellen is the Director for U.S. Ecosystems with the Global Entrepreneurship Network. Her primary responsibilities include supporting the… More