Institutions of Higher Education Take Lead Role in GEW USA
'Education' is a Global Theme of GEW, emphasizing how institutions of higher education can instill an innovative mindset on their students.
15 Jul 2021

GEW 2020 saw more than 100 institutions of higher education participate in GEW USA. Many of these institutions hosted activities that were open to students and the public, making it a community affair. In recent years, campuses have embraced their role in fostering innovation and creativity among their students, as well as educating students with valuable skill sets that are attractive to the local workforce and beyond.  

One of the GEW Global Themes is education and seeks to shine a spotlight on institutions of all sizes to highlight the work they are doing to expose students to entrepreneurship as a career path, innovative thinking, and serve as talent pools for local startup ecosystems. As ecosystems are seeking new ways to attract businesses to start and grow, higher education institutions play a critical role in educating the future workforce in applicable and attractive skill sets to local business sectors.  

To learn more about how higher education institutions can participate, check out our Audience Guides: 

Ellen Erickson

Director for U.S. Ecosystems | Global Entrepreneurship Network

Ellen is the Director for U.S. Ecosystems with the Global Entrepreneurship Network. Her primary responsibilities include supporting the… More