A Look Back at #GEWUSA2021
After a pandemic year, entrepreneurs were ready to gather, share stories of experience, evaluate their ecosystems, and celebrate their entrepreneurial journeys.  
15 Nov 2021

Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) USA 2021 has come to a close and its 13th year was a tremendous success. Last year, we saw a lot of activities focused on resiliency and pivoting your business to survive in a COVID-19 economy. This year, entrepreneurs were ready to gather, share stories of experience, evaluate their ecosystems, and continue to celebrate their entrepreneurial journeys.  

According to the 2021 GEW USA Leaderboard, 190 communities in the United States participated. Ninety-two of these communities are small-mid size with populations of between 50,000 and 500,000. Over 1000 activities from 545 partners were registered at www.gewusa.co, with a final count to come soon. GEN USA extends a heartfelt thank-you to everyone involved, especially to State Coordinators, Community Organizers, sponsors and partners who made this all possible.

News and impact stories continue to flow in from across the country, and we will be sharing them with you in the days and weeks ahead. In the meantime, take a look back at Global Entrepreneurship Week USA 2021 and mark your calendars for #GEW2022 (November 14-20).


Inclusion was a theme that resonated with many. GEW partners hosted activities on topics including women entrepreneurship, youth entrepreneurship, Black entrepreneurship, Latinx entrepreneurship, and veteran entrepreneurship.  

Storytelling was also front-and-center during GEW. Learning about the successes and failures of entrepreneurs is a powerful tool to educate and inspire others. We saw panels, fireside chats and numerous podcasts sharing the stories of entrepreneurs.  


Companies nationwide were forced to pivot their business models and be creative to account for the pandemic. There is a lot to learn from their experiences, the resources they used and what they could have benefited from. Access to resources was so important to the entrepreneurial ecosystem over the past two years that several ecosystems evaluated themselves during GEW by looking at the state of entrepreneurship and the strengths and weaknesses that they can work on over the next year.  


After a year or more of virtual learning, educational institutions were ready to celebrate with GEW activities challenging students to be innovative and solve problems. We saw participation from grades K-12, community colleges, and universities with more than 100 higher education institutions hosting activities.  


Policymakers including mayors, congress and governors also participated in GEW 2021. For example, Mayor of Roseville, California Krista Bernasconi, and Governor of Hawaii David Ige, both issued proclamations recognizing GEW while Congressman French Hill of Arkansas joined an entrepreneurial policy conversation with his constituents.  

Learn more about the GEW 2021 campaign and what is to come for GEW 2022 (Nov. 14-20) at gewusa.co or by emailing Ellen Erickson: ellen@genglobal.org. 


Ellen Erickson

Director for U.S. Ecosystems | Global Entrepreneurship Network

Ellen is the Director for U.S. Ecosystems with the Global Entrepreneurship Network. Her primary responsibilities include supporting the… More