Algeria celebrates 10 Years of unleashing ideas
For the tenth year in a row, Algeria celebrated the Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW Algeria) from 16 to 22 November.
2 Dec 2020

For the tenth year in a row, Algeria celebrated the Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW Algeria) from 16 to 22 November. Seven panels of national and international experts were held online on Facebook with Tekup Chanel and discussed several issues around the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Algeria.

The opening Ceremony was graced by the Minister of Startups and economy of knowledge Yacine OUALID. It highlighted the importance of Building a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem that allows nurturing and growing innovative start-ups and how to do it with the participation of  

  • Fatiha RACHEDI, Managing Director GEN Algeria
  • Fatiha SLIMANI, consultant & ecosystem builder
  • Noureddine Ouadah, Counsellor Ministry of knowledge economy & startups
  • Mohamed Hamid Allah TAOUCHE, Counsellor Ministry of knowledge economy & startups
  • Nacima Arhab, Board member GEN Algeria
  • Bakli Hamid, Founder CapCowork- Moderator

The first day held online was joined by over 10 000 participants and reached over 40 000 viewers on GEN Algeria’s Facebook page alone aiming to promote the entrepreneurial culture on the local, national and regional level.

GEN Algeria spotted the light on media entrepreneurship, women entrepreneurship and kids through its different panels that knew the participation of national and international experts of each field. It also brought together investors to highlight their needs and focal points when looking in a promising startup and presented different global opportunities for startups.

Some of Algeria’s most influential women participated in the online discussion on November 19th, to reconnect, engage, and discuss the active role that women play in Algeria’s economy and prosperity to inspire women who wanted to start their own businesses from scratch or during a global pandemic sharing their success stories, creative ideas and goals and showing the significant role of women in today’s industrial, financial, and digital - national and international markets. A groundbreaking initiative that will inspire, enable and empower the future generations of aspiring businesswomen, entrepreneurs, and all females.

“Means to Enhance Women empowerment by economy”

  • Buke Cuhadar, Vice president Global Entrepreneurship Network
  • Meriem KADRI KHELIFATI, Founder of exception_elle cosmetics
  • Leila BENYOUCEF, Founder of Kiddy sorties
  • Sara Imen TOUNSI, Founder of VARIAS
  • Nawel Ait CHAFAA, Founder of Noelka creations
  • Zafira baba OUARTSI, Founder of Artissimo-Moderator

Furthermore, TV and radio hosts along with entrepreneurship podcast founders gathered online together highlighting the importance of collaborations and the major support that media could play to lift entrepreneurs and to serve as a foundation for a business environment that flourishes with entrepreneurs and media leaders supporting and encouraging one another.

The role of Media entrepreneurship in shaping societies

  • Kamel SOUIG, Editor-in-Chief Canal Algerie
  • Abderrahim ABDELLAOUI, The economist
  • Nassima BELHADJ, Radio
  • Zine-Eddine SEFFADJ, Co-founder CREI
  • Rami ZEMMOUCHI, Founder Tekup Channel-Moderator

As Today's children will be an unprecedented global force, a panel of discussions was also organized to talk about kids and entrepreneurship.  It was designed to encourage discussion and hands-on learning in the areas of entrepreneurship, empowering the next generation and highlighting one of GEN Algeria’s program “Enfanpreneur” with testimonials from the participants of the last edition who gained confidence, courage, team work and determination.

Kids & Entrepreneurship: inspiring kids to turn ideas into reality

  • Michelle Walker, DECA
  • Nawel Abdessemed, UNICEF
  • Fatiha RACHEDI, Managing Director GEN Algeria
  • Maroua BENZIANE, Participant at EnfanPreneur
  • Moderated by: Yasmine BOUKHATEM

Another panel discussed what startup investors look for in entrepreneurs, the red flags & dealbreakers  they avoid with the participation of national and international investors and serial entrepreneurs

  • Mohamed KHELFAOUI, General Manager Tell group
  • Abdelkader YOUSFI, Serial Entrepreneur
  • Yacine KERIOUI, General Manager Kaizmed group North Africa
  • kizito okechukwu, Executive Head at 22 ON SLOANE
  • Katharina Dalka, Strategy and Investment Advisory in Tech
  • Yazid BENMOUHOUB, Director of the stock exchange-Moderator

Startup talk : Things to Keep in Mind When Building a Business : spotting the light on new startups : Fatoura, DZ Meet, Rafeek & PIASSA

Opportunities for STARTUPS to GO GLOBAL!

  • Ana Maria Tores, Entrepreneurship world cup
  • Carla Tanas, Future agro challenge
  • Jurgen Nieuwenhuijsen , Get in the Ring
  • Moderated by: Yasmine BOUKHATEM


GEN Algeria have also launched the I Am an Entrepreneur global compaign & Entrepreneurship clubs program where partners continue celebrating entrepreneurship together with many online activities like webinars, talks, networking helping participants sharpen their skills and broaden their talents in order to get an opportunity to build their capabilities in entrepreneurship, teamwork and leadership, and to stretch themselves in new situations that help preparing them for ongoing professional challenges.

The activities of the campus ambassadors, the entrepreneurship clubs program partners and the other GEN Algeria’s partners (such as incubators, university and else) continues until December 25th. It aims to inspiring participants to become entrepreneurs or leaders to join the ranks of the world's most successful people. The different activities are extremely informative, enjoyable and above all valuable.

The online campaign have reached over 200 000 viewers during the week of celebration only (it continues until end of December through the partners in all the 48 provences of the country).

The event knew the participation of government Minister and representatives,VIP’s, serial entrepreneurs, and global partners. 

GEN Algeria is collaborating across the public, private, and civil society sectors to help and provide young people with demand-driven, sustainable, and high quality projects that support their entry into the workforce and foster tangible improvements to their local communities.



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