GEN Chad's Ndonga Named Minister of Youth and Sport
On July 14, Routouang Mohamed Ndonga Christian—previous managing director of GEN Chad—was appointed head of the Ministry of Youth and Sport in Chad.
1 Sep 2020

According to Chad's National Development Plan (NDP), their objective in the Youth, Employment and Sport sector is to work towards the socio-economic integration of young people and the integration of sports and recreation in a youth environment. Ndonga hopes to continue to serve his community and push through initiatives that advance the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Chad.

He strives for continuing change and advises that "We must get out of our comfort zone, explore horizons," and that above all – his hope is for young entrepreneurs in Chad and around the world to "learn from our mistakes and stand out." His youth along with his passion for empowering young people will only further the involvement of Chadian youth in the entrepreneurial space.

In an interview with Ndonga, he reflected on his time serving GEN Chad as well as being head of the Entrepreneurship World Cup in Chad; and how his time with GEN has undoubtably prepared him for his new role. Ndonga explained, "I am particularly counting on the experiences acquired during these years serving as the Executive Director of GEN Chad that will allow me to carry out some well-ordered reflections." His background is rooted in leadership and drive, and it surely won't be a surprise when Ndonga thrives in his new position as Minister.

Previously, Ndonga was co-founder to the Youth Network for Development and Leadership in Chad (RJDLT), where he served as national coordinator until his recent appointment as Ministry of Youth and Sport. RJDLT is a young, independent non-profit movement that is committed to create and foster the Chadian entrepreneurial ecosystem. Their mission is to prepare a new generation of entrepreneurs by creating an environment where passionate people work together, learn and network.

Ndonga has a passion for social entrepreneurship and advancing entrepreneurial initiatives that quickly began after obtaining his Bachelors Degree in Ghana. The pursuit of creating change in his country followed him throughout his career and furnished his desire to create "Protect the Environment", an organization that aims to fight climate change in Chad; and he still embodies that same passion today, at the height of his career.

His knowledge and experience have undoubtedly prepared him for his appointment as Minister, and the GEN community is eager to watch him in his future successes.

Visit our full interview with Ndonga to hear more about his new role.

Julia DiLeo

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