CELEBRATE | December 28, 2018


Photo Credit: GEW CHAD 2018

Chad had celebrated the third edition of Global Entrepreneurship Week Chad  from 12 to 18 November 2018. Placed under the patronage of His Excellency Idriss Deby Itno, President of the Republic of Chad, and Head of the State. The purpose of this week was to highlight the diversity of Chad's entrepreneurial ecosystem and to help make connections between companies and talented people that can help create mutually beneficial, sustainable and profitable relationships. through this fight against unemployment, precarious employment and fight against poverty, source of several evils. The theme chosen for this edition is: entrepreneurship for sustainable socio-economic transformation.

To achieve this goal, several activities were carried out simultaneously and some, in a successive way to reach thousands of young Chadians from all social strata. In concrete terms, the activities will be as follows:

  • Global Startup Weekend N'Djamena: A contest that brought together hundreds of young people for 54 hours around the ideas of companies emitted by them, reflected and directed with the help of coaches and assigned mentors. These ideas were presented to a jury of confirmed investors and entrepreneurs and three best projects were identified and awarded. This activity took place from 9 to 11 November 2018 in Wenaklabs ahead of the Global Entrepreneurship Week in Chad.

  • Entrepreneurs Days: They consist of the development of several themes related to entrepreneurship issues in Chad in order to strengthen the managerial skills of young entrepreneurs. The days of 13 and 14 November were dedicated to this activity at the Palais du 15 Janvier.

  • Agribusiness Festival  Chad: with the partnership of the Ministry of Production, Irrigation and Agricultural Equipment was indeed an exhibition and events related to the celebration of agricultural potential of Chad and the boon of social development and the economy of the country through agribusiness. It was held from 14 to 15 November 2018 at the Palace of 15 January.

  • Startups and Investment Forum: organized in conjunction with the Economic Day, this forum is designed to identify the difficulties related to investments in startups and the development of investment opportunities in Chadian startups. This forum was held from 16 to 17 November 2018 at the Palais du 15 Janvier.

  • Entrepreneurs Night: Under the patronage of the First Lady of Chad, Ms. Hinda Deby Itno, Entrepreneurs Night is an unprecedented event for a cultural event focused on entrepreneurship. It was an opportunity to raise the funds needed to launch the Young Entrepreneurs Support Fund. On November 17, 2018 more than 400 people took part in this particular night.


  • N'Djamena Hackathon: In partnership with the Ministry of Posts, Information Technology and Communication, this activity contributes to the emergence and growth of startups in Chad, by creating a stimulating framework for the innovation. Held from 27 to 29 November 2018, the Hackathon is also part of the Celebration of November Digital in partnership with the French Institute of Chad.

Some figures

  • Overall:
    • 6 events completed
    • 100+ activities to build a stronger entrepreneurship ecosystem in Chad
    • More than 3,200 young people participated in workshops, training sessions, competitions, debates and were inspired to meet the challenges of the Entrepreneur.
    • 1500 People at the Opening Ceremony
    • +10 Ministers attended the opening ceremony
    • 2 High Level Panel (Ministers and Senior Officials of the Republic)
    • 80 Panelists
    • 54 partners
      • 08 Institutional
      • 01 Official Partner
      • 14 Sponsors
      • 31 Technical Partners
  • Large campaign on social networks and traditional media
  • Several posters in the city of N'Djamena
  • Global Startup Weekend N'Djamena:
    • 75 Participants
    • 10 Projects
    • 3 Won Prizes
    • 10 Coaches
    • 3 members of the Jury
    • 1 Ministry represented
  • Entrepreneurs Days
    • 450 Trained Youth
    • 300 young people participated in the Undertaking to Zero Franc training
    • 400 Youth participated in the Youth Empowerment Workshop
    • 750 young people took part in the conferences - debate
    • 6 Trainers
    • 22 Panelists
    • 2 ministries represented
  • Agribusiness Festival Chad
    • 3 under major activities: Forum, Fair and Future Agro Challenge
    • 1 Conference Debate
    • 6 Training workshops
    • 13 Panelists
    • 4 Coaches Future Agro Challenge
    • 3 Members of the Future Agro Challenge Jury
    • 1 Awarded Best Agripreneur of the Year Project
    • 4 Agrobusiness Stands
    • 750 people took an active part in the Festival
  • Startups Forum and Investments
    • 750 Participants
    • 1 High Level Panel
    • 1 Consultation of more than 450 young people
    • Two conference debates on the financing models of Startups.
    • 4 dedicated coaches,
    • 21 projects of which 16 in competition;
    • A jury of 3 consultants
    • 2 winning projects
  • The Entrepreneurs Night
    • + 400 participants: artists, actors, promoters of companies, bankers, representatives of non-governmental organizations and especially young entrepreneurs
    • + 4 million FCFA in cash and promise
    • 6Entrepreneurs will be accompanied financially
  • N'Djamena Hackathon
    • 25 participants took part in this Hackathon, among them 5 project leaders;
    • 5 projects related to the theme of the Hackathon, which is digital learning and innovation;
    • 15 coaches from the post and new technologies department and linguists assisted the teams during the 72 hours of activities;
    • 1 senior expert, former Google trainee, co-founder of a successful startup also took part in this event;
    • 12 volunteers worked actively for the success of the Hackathon.

The work of the GEW took place in a friendly atmosphere, with a strong mobilization at the highest level of the Government, which allowed frank exchanges on the various themes related to the program of the second edition  of Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) Chad from 12 to 18 November 2018. This week is an opportunity for broad national mobilization on the challenges of the youth entrepreneurship sector. It is an opportunity for the Government, NGOs, youth and partners to communicate and interact with the general public before, during and after the six events.


Finally, the evaluation of the work of the GEW showed that the objectives initially assigned were globally attained, thus attesting that the bases of design and development of projects for young people will now be thrown for promising prospects. The sustainable socio-economic transformation of Chad has begun.

The organizing committee thanks all those who, from near or far, for their human quality and professional collaboration, facilitated the completion of this second edition of the World Entrepreneurship Week in Chad. The Committee also wishes to thank all the actors, stakeholders and beneficiaries for their participation and the sharing of their experiences and thoughts.