Our Platform

The GEN Accelerates Platform is the online hub, the infrastructure that allows for all educational sessions, program content, communication and scheduling to take place among all stakeholders, regardless of geography or time zone.

Through GEN Accelerates, the Global Entrepreneurship Network is strengthening the capacity of organizations and institutions world-wide, including entrepreneur support organizations, governments and academic institutions—in essence, any enterprise or establishment charged with developing and executing programs and initiatives aimed at bolstering and building entrepreneurial ecosystems. Our virtual platform facilitates the delivery and uptake of structured curriculum, the guided development of strategic and orderly action plans, and peer-to-peer learning. In effect, through GEN Accelerates programming and our virtual platform, GEN is creating an accelerator for ecosystem builders – empowering them to support today’s and tomorrow’s entrepreneurs wherever they reside.

Purpose-Built Technology for Supporting Accelerator & Incubator Programs

Accelerator and incubator program managers leverage our virtual GEN Accelerates Platform—purpose-built and proven to maximize impact while remaining customizable—to facilitate, deliver and manage their programs.

The GEN Accelerates Platform makes it simple to implement new accelerator and incubator programs. Through it, program staff can quickly and easily manage people, cohorts, deliverables and content. Every user type—learner, mentor, program administrator or other stakeholder—regardless of location, accesses a single, integrated system. The platform seamlessly scales to meet the demands of almost any size program and affords the agility and flexibility to uniquely and reliably support both local and distributed teams.

Our plug-and-play curriculum means you have turnkey access to a plethora of best practices and training materials from entrepreneurial champions around the world. A comprehensive library of pre-loaded content, developed specifically with entrepreneurs in mind, allows for the quick rollout of any program type. Through the platform, managers can facilitate and drive participant and stakeholder accountability and effectiveness.

The platform allows for:

  • Design and implementation of custom metrics regimes, tailored for any program.
  • Creation of time-bound deliverables based on defined learning outcomes
  • Tracking of mentor effectiveness—allowing for easy scheduling, documenting and evaluation mentor sessions.

Upon platform implementation, our team of experts are onsite to set up and train in-country program managers to be effective and self sufficient using the platform for all aspects of program delivery whether physical and/or virtual in nature.

GEN Accelerates Platform

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